Take you to know sheet piece the sheet of machine piece the development course of machine

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Odd a machine (Microcontrollers) is chip of a kind of integrated circuit, it is to use VLSI technology the CPU of the processor central that has data processing capacity, random memory RAM, read-only a variety of memory ROM, I/O mouths and interrupt system, timer / the function such as tally (still may include to show drive circuit, arteries and veins is wide converter of multichannel of modulation circuit, imitate, in industry control domain applies extensively. Recognition is simple a machine, begin from the first! Intel company development went the first 4 microprocessor 1971; The Huo Fu of Intel company develops Intel 4004 of the first 4 microprocessor chip, the mark is worn generation microprocessor comes out, microprocessor and personal computer times begin from now on. Arrive on century 80 time, control what the domain asks to rise as industry, began 16 to appear odd a machine. As consumption electronic product develops greatly after 90 time, odd the technology got a chance tremendous rise. The high speed that already developed 300M now is only a machine. About sheet piece the development course of machine, young made of baked clay gentleman arranged two version to everybody one, differentiate by the product 1, SCM is odd a microcomputer (Single Chip Microcomputer) level basically is to seek first-rate sheet piece configuration is embedded optimal architecture of the system. "Innovation mode " score a success, established the development way that SCM and general purpose computer differ completely. In initiate embedded the system develops road to go up independently, intel company meritorious service cannot be done not have. 2, MCU small controller (the technical development way with main stage of Micro Controller Unit) is: Expand ceaselessly when contented embedded applying, all sorts of periphery circuit that object system asks and interface circuit, dash forward the intelligence that shows its object influences control ability. The field that it involves related to object system, accordingly, the heavy responsibility that expands MCU falls inevitably in manufacturer of technology of electric, electron. From the point of this one angle, the development that Intel fades out of MCU gradually also has his objective element. Developing MCU field, the famousest plant property counts Philips company. Philips company is in embedded applying with its the huge advantage of the respect, MCS-51 from sheet piece the microcomputer develops small controller quickly. Accordingly, review when us embedded when the system develops way, do not forget the historical contribution of Intel and Philips. 3, SoC is embedded system (System-on-a-Chip) phase SoC is embedded the road of independent development of the system, to the main factor that MCU phase develops, what seek applied system to go up in chip namely is the biggest dissolve definitely; Accordingly, special sheet piece the development of machine formed SoC naturally to turn a tide. As the development of tool of design of microelectronics technology, IC, EDA, those who be based on SoC is odd the design can have a machine application system greater progress. Accordingly, to sheet piece the understanding of machine is OK from sheet piece microcomputer, odd a small controller is outspread to sheet piece use a system. 2, differentiate by time the first phase (1976-1978) odd the phase controlling demand of a machine the MCS – with Intel company 48 for the delegate. MCS – of 48 rolling out is to be in what labour dominates a field to control demand, the company that enlists this to control demand still has Motorola Zilo to wait, obtained satisfactory result. This is SCM be born time, "Stand-alone piece " one word namely from this and come. The 2nd phase (1978-1982) odd the company of perfect phase Intel of a machine is on 48 foundations of MCS – rolled out those who perfect, typical sheet piece – of machine series MCS 51. The current bus line that it settled a typical case in the following respects sheet piece airframe fastens a structure. The peripheral bus line with perfect ① . MCS-51 installed 8 classical sheet piece the bus line structure of machine, include 8 digit to seize bus line, 16 addresses bus line, control bus line and the serial communication interface that have function of communication of a lot of machine. The concentration of unit of function of ② CPU periphery manages mode. ③ reflects labour to accuse a characteristic address space to reach a mode of operation. ④ instruction system tends abound and perfect, and added the statement of a lot of outstanding control functions. The 3rd phase (1982-1990) odd Xiang Wei controller develops an aircraft level also is 8 sheet at the same time piece of machine consolidate development reachs 16 sheet piece of machine roll out level. The 96 set of MCS – that Intel company rolls out are single a machine, wait for wide modulator of moving monitor of a few modulus converter that are used at measuring to control a system, program, arteries and veins bring into piece in, reflected sheet piece the small controller feature of machine. As MCS – the wide application of 51 series, a lot of electric manufacturers use 80C51 to be a kernel eagerly, will a lot of measuring the application such as technology of component of changeover of A/D of the circuit technology that in controlling a system, uses, interface technology, much passageway, dependability arrives odd piece in machine, enhanced function of periphery circuit road, aggrandizement intelligent pilot feature. The 4th phase (1990 up to now) : The full-scale development phase of small controller. As sheet piece machine develop deep in the round in each domains and apply, appeared 8 of ability of the high speed, big range that find site, strong operation / 16 / 32 general-purpose odd a machine, and small-sized and cheap special model odd a machine. Odd a machine development trend is current, odd a machine forward high-powered developing a tendency with much breed direction will be to side with CMOS to change further, the outfit inside case of low power comsumption, minor volume, high capacity, high-powered, low and periphery circuit is changed wait for a few respects to develop. CMOS is changed in recent years as a result of CHMOS technology into small, promoted sheet greatly piece the CMOS of machine is changed. CMOS chip besides character of low power comsumption, return those who have power comsumption to be able to charge a sex, make odd a machine is OK the job runs state subtly in power comsumption. This also will be henceforth replace the 8051 reasons that are standard MCU chip with 80C51. Because of sheet piece machine chip majority is to use CMOS (metallic bar oxide) semiconductor technology production. The characteristic of CMOS circuit is case of low power comsumption, high density, low rate, low. Use ambipolar model the TTL circuit rate of semiconductor technology is rapid, but power comsumption and chip area are larger. As technology and craft level rise, appeared again HMOS (MOS of high density, high rate) with CHMOS craft. The union of CHMOS and HMOS craft. The CHMOS circuit that produces at present already achieved the rate of LSTTL, transmission defer time is less than 2ns, its integrated advantage already depended on TTL circuit. Be in consequently odd CMOS is in a machine domain to replace TTL circuit gradually. Low power comsumption changes sheet piece the power comsumption of machine already from Ma class, even 1uA is the following; Use voltage is between 3~6V, get used to batteries job completely. The effect that low power comsumption changes is power comsumption not only low, and those who brought ability of the high reliability of the product, tall interference rejection and product is portable change. Low voltage is changed almost all sheet piece machine have the run mode omiting report such as WAIT, STOP. The voltage range that allows to use is wider and wider, work inside 3~6V limits commonly. The sheet of low voltage power supply piece Electromechanical source floor level already can amount to 1~2V. At present 0.

The sheet of 8V power supply piece machine had come out. High-powered changing basically is to point to the performance that improves CPU further, the rate that accelerates instruction operation and raise systematic pilot dependability. Use compact instruction part (RISC) structure and automation line technology, can increase traversal speed substantially. The person that dictate rate is top now already amounted to 100MIPS (Million Instruction Per Seconds, namely million dictates every second) , strengthened a processing function, interrupt and time control function. This kind of sheet piece what the operation speed of machine compares a level is odd a machine tower above 10 times above. As a result of this kind of sheet piece machine have extremely high instruction rate, can use software simulation its I/O function, introduced the new idea of fictitious peripheral from this. High capacity is changed before odd a ROM inside machine for 1KB~4KB, RAM is 64~128B. But in need complex pilot circumstance, this memory capacity is insufficient, extension is received outside must undertaking. To get used to the requirement of this kind of domain, must use new technology, make high capacity changes an internal storage. Current, odd a ROM inside machine can amount to 64KB most, RAM most greatly 2KB. CNC Milling CNC Machining