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Regard a kind of advanced products plan as the method, at present converse project gets in our country the attention of more and more enterprises, converse technology application is risen more and more extensively also by attention. Converse project technology (the project idea of ReverseEngineering) is: Through undertaking to already having product model three-dimensional digitlization scans, will get the data nodding the cloud of the exterior outline of product model, have the data that nod the cloud handling through professional software, form three-dimensional maths model finally, those who be used at the product redesign reach CNC Machining and structural analysis. It is different from us normally the design train of thought that designs design of three-dimensional space model to arrive to machine or shape quickly again by 2 dimension draft, so it is the design method that one kind is based on entity and learns a model without number. All trades and professions such as electric equipment of the empty spaceflight of applied Yu Hang with converse extensive project, car, mechanical, electron and mould, toy, medicine, shoemaking, its application basically is in the following respects: 1.

The design of new part, basically use at the remodel of the product or copy design. 2.

What already had a part is duplicate, the design intent of emersion primary product, manage into travel data and file. 3.

From already product part builds STL model quickly directly, use at shaping quickly (RPM) or mould design. 4.

Digitlize a model detect, be out of shape analysis, finite yuan of analysis, and undertake the comparison with original design model. 5.

Damage or wear away of the spare parts reductive with repair. Serve as kind of burgeoning technology however, a lot of enterprises do not understand converse project, think to want to have only three-dimensional measure or scanning equipment, current CAD software can have converse job. Actually this is insufficient, in the application of converse project the process has a lot of it is the difficult point that other and common converse software and CAD software cannot achieve, converse job must have professional converse software and technology knowledge ability to complete this one intricate work very well. Photograph of professional and converse software depends on to the advantage of common software: 1.

Editorial to measuring data to undertake optimizing mixing ability: Because have a lot of measurement,equipment can offer scanning job, ask converse software has the pattern of different the data that nod the cloud that can read in place of great majority equipment to generate so ability. Because order the quantity of the cloud,be very tremendous at the same time, often hundred thousands of arrive on very ten million, consummate the dot of 100 million needs to handle, this needs the data nodding the cloud with converse tremendous to such amounts software to have capacity of efficient operation, editor. Have the function that reduces the amount that nod the cloud, get rid of to give bad point is optimized below the premise that assures curved surface quality. The geometrical construction that because wait for,measures a model to differ at the same time and use different device, achieve different measurement purpose, decided those who measure process and measurement technique is different. This needs converse software to be able to have the capacity that is aimed at these differring to be able to classify processing. 2.

Undertake optimizing mixing to trigonometry model editorial ability: Because measure equipment precision not tall, measure data quality not tall, measure a model to have a variety of reasons such as blemish or injury, often can cause generated STL model to be able to have a lot of holes and drawback, the editor that this needs converse software to have mighty STL model handles ability with what optimize, can repair inside the range that design public errand permits, face of smooth suitable triangle piece. Still should have pair of STL models to have Boer operation and design model at the same time, build the STL model that accords with a design, needless changeover undertakes into ability of curved surface model the mould is designed or be read in by other CAM software thereby the problem that ability has machining, because this will increase workload greatly, reduce work efficiency. 3.

Use difficulty of Cheng Guangshun of music look unfamiliar, craftsmenship is strong: Because converse product often is more complex product, curved surface is tectonic and complex, often need to generate the curved surface that is a foundation with B-Spline or NURBS curved surface, the prune that needs to have many curved surface at the same time, suture, round horn transfers, light is suitable wait for editor operation, the ability requirement that be generated to curved surface so and arranges solely is strict, and most and converse software can become the processing that nod the cloud the curve only, the means that curvilinear compose face uses in changing other CAD software next generates curved surface, type of so unripe set prescription is onefold, workload is big, encounter body complex product job is very trival, cause easily still bigger be out of shape, this makes of curved surface make the experience that relies on an engineer greatly. 4.

Compositive and as difficult as other software system: Because a lot of CAD/CAM software do not have converse function, and common converse software does not have powerful curved surface editor ability and assemble, the function that gives project picture, must want will converse software and Cad software union to use ability to complete converse work so, but this needs to will use different data pattern often in converse process to have mutual transition in different software, what can cause the feature in data file necessarily so is missing, even may the attaint of data file, still make the job more trival at the same time, reduce work efficiency. Be aimed at afore-mentioned problems, DELCAM company offerred solution of a complete and professional converse project. DELCAM is world-renowned CAD/CAM software vendor, the banner plays 5 old software: PowerSHAPE, PowerMILL, CopyCAD, PowerINSPECT, ArtCAM covered the three-dimensional design from the product, CNC Machining, quality to detect with the process with converse whole design. To converse project, the solution ginseng of Delcam software sees figure below: It is the three-dimensional model that has through measuring equipment or scanning equipment to be opposite above all get nodding cloud data into line scanning, in reading in Copycad. Can make trigonometry range on one hand in Copycad piece STL model, undertake shaping quickly through outputting STL model to arrive to shape quickly in equipment, or output undertakes to PowerSHAPE the mould is designed, still can output PowerMILL to undertake CNC Machining. Can generate curved surface in Copycad on the other hand, output undertakes three-dimensional design to PowerSHAPE, match into luggage, the mould is designed and give 2 dimension project to pursue. Return in Copycad at the same time can have trade off study with model of archetypal and three-dimensional CAD, output error analyses a report. The blemish that designs the existence in producing a course quite and be out of shape circumstance. As the famous converse software on the world, copyCAD makes have in converse working process below the characteristic of a few respects: 1.

Processing nods cloud data: CopyCAD has friendly input to output interface, the data nodding the cloud that backs a variety of formats is read in. Wait for standard format besides general ASCII, IGES and NC, still offer special data form in the light of different scanning equipment. To the data nodding the cloud of the input, copyCAD measures equipment and the editor that measure means to offer a variety of dot cloud to optimize means in the light of what differ, can have new sort and shift to nodding cloud data, rotate, shrink put, the editor operation such as the mirror, can use a variety of means such as planar, polygon or outline curve to cut down according to diverse demand the model that nod the cloud. Use slant the function of dot cloud model uses buy to make good omissions the deviation that measures fillet to come, use increase advantageous position light of suitable, burr arranges average light reach tolerancepublic errand, few and far between, filter wait for a function to undertake filtering to ordering cloud model, light is suitable, get rid of gives bad point, improved dot cloud quality, in order to assured trigonometry face piece build mass, raise operation to treat rate. To the complex model that nod the cloud need is divided second measure, copyCAD also offerred a hand to move pair of neat, reference point (ball) optimal to be being mixed together draft and incorporate together to waiting for a variety of methods together to undertake is opposite, at the same time output spends data to consult in order to offer to neat essence. 2.

Handle trigonometry model: Because trigonometry model is the base that builds curved surface, so the quality of trigonometry model is having crucial effect to converse success. To trigonometry model build, copyCAD is offerred move two kinds of means automatically to build trigonometry model with the hand. Because model oneself blemish or measurement technique are incorrect, or the issue that measures data presence, often trigonometry model makes presence a lot of blemish and hole. Provided a variety of editors and optimized measure to this CopyCAD: But the hand is moved increase or delete partial triangle face piece data. CopyCAD offers Trifix function to be able to undertake to the hole in trigonometry model the hand eats suture stuff be mixinged automatically; The small, narrow, jackknife to existence, intersect wait for the trigonometry model that has a problem to be able to detect automatically repair, still can be opposite trigonometry face piece hypostatic model undertakes light arranges an operation: The alternant editor function of CopyCAD not only can arrange trigonometry model solely, eliminate trigonometry model to create the problem that existence gets on as a result of data problem or measurement technique in the process, still have function of accumulation, carve, can arrange the blemish that goes up with repair spare parts solely, the measurement that avoids to bring about model problem, special the rehabilitate that applies to damaged spare parts, improve the exterior quality of STL model. At the same time CopyCAD still offerred the modelling of trigonometry model to edit a function, be like,can generate the model of triangle of standard system element such as columnar, conic, cuboid, sphere, can have Boer operation and cut out unwanted material to trigonometry model, reach pair of trigonometry models to undertake apery is out of shape, still have add a written language, decorate design, brand to wait to the wrap up function of trigonometry model, need not need to turn into CAD software compose to propose the way of curved surface so, have the modelling of the model and edition directly, can output the STL file of binary system or ASCII format next, undertake shaping quickly or CNC Machining. In CopyCAD, can according to figure of trigonometry model face differ to undertake breaking up with different color, differentiate area, the model cent becomes a certain number of area, and can extract outline curve, of facilitating curved surface generate. 3.

The type of unripe set prescription of tectonic curve proposes a kind of way of curved surface as the compose in converse project, build tectonic curve, can be used at converse curved surface generate, OK also and direct output undertakes be being designinged to modelling to CAD system, it is very important also that because this produces light,suitable curve builds curved surface to compose. CopyCAD offerred the form of unripe set prescription of a variety of tectonic curves. Tectonic curve can produce tectonic curve automatically by the border of trigonometry model, horizontal or sectional line directly. Also can go up to be taken with the dot on trigonometry model in dot cloud directly generate, or generate by scanning beam. In converse design, it is very important that smooth compliance of the curve adjusts, it will affect the quality that generates curved surface directly. CopyCAD offerred powerful curve to plan to close, smooth suitable function, can undertake be arranginged solely planning to close or plan accurately to close according to model and design requirement, circular arc plans to close etc. Also can generate automatically according to the appearance of trigonometry model, control at the same time its and already some curves, curved surface is tangent etc, thereby slick tectonic curved surface. 3.

In CopyCAD of converse curved surface build: In converse project, the construction of curved surface is quite main job, also be the job with the biggest workload, tectonic curved surface is not formed by a simple curved surface, need to be passed by many pieces of curved surface however outspread, transfer, cut down wait to mix and become curved surface, because of this tectonic stand or fall, deciding the success or failure of converse job. In the curved surface in CopyCAD build have the following kinds of kind: 1.

) be in directly trigonometry face piece converse curved surface is built on hypostatic model. In basis of the need when tectonic curved surface metabolic trend comes to the appearance of trigonometry model divisional region undertakes construction. Can adjust the tangent relation of curved surface of adjacent of curved surface and model, photograph according to demand at the same time, the precision that through adjusting curved surface interior curvilinear amount controls curved surface and light are suitable. 2.

) CopyCAD can build NURBS clipping curved surface through automatic guide. Use cut out curved surface plans to close can use less face piece one pace completes complex form side plan to close, such making curved surface more light is suitable, still reduced workload. 3.

) CopyCAD can choose a dot to generate flat curved surface directly through be on STL model. 4.

) CopyCAD still offerred a kind to use bit of cloud to generate directly not the method of the curved surface of clipping. One part is selected in nodding the cloud or generate directly entirely not the NURBS curved surface of clipping, through controlling tolerancepublic errand, aspect piece number and curved surface spend those who control curved surface and STL model to plan to add up to degree and light to arrange degree. This kind of method can generate the NURBS curved surface of high quality quickly. CopyCAD offerred the error of curved surface to analyse a function, generated curved surface can undertake comparative with primitive dot cloud or design model, carry the position of generated color a collection of illustrative plates and error of differentiate of error forms for reporting statistics and volume, facilitate undertake adjust and editing to curved surface. To converse software, curved surface function loses quite relative to professional CAD software, finite to the processing capability of complex curved surface. Transfer mediumly like garden horn to the model at the same time, stage of planar, protruding, transfer the geometrical feature such as shape face uses scanning to nod Yun Ni to generated method not only workload is big, manufacturing efficiency is low, more important is very difficult assure correct appearance feature, often can cause serious and lack fidelity. Because this uses professional CAD software,building these geometrical features to compose more the feature that defines a spare parts well and truly. Because this can make full use of,measure opportunity is right objective model undertakes metrical, get the curved surface data of feature of geometry of the standard on objective model directly, wait for standard form and structure like planar, cubic, columnar, conic, ball or cirque, and the method that part of face of other and free look uses three-dimensional scanning gets the data that nod the cloud. So OK and so effective that save sweep time, more important the accuracy that assured data, improve manufacturing efficiency. And major now converse software cannot the very good CAD software with major is not had seam compositive, cannot accomplish data file to be changed each other at will, do not lose the case of diagnostic information. And the dominant position with the largest CopyCAD depends on can be being mixed using of DELCAM jointly to design software PowerSHARE, will the shape face to construction and converse the shape face that plans to close mixes build a model, mutual between can change at will according to need. The suture that can finish partial curved surface in CopyCAD and light arrange the job, but to more complex job, in can changing the PowerSHARE with curved surface more powerful function, undertake the editor such as clipping, smooth suitable, round horn works, also can be in PowerShape to the curved surface content that build local feature curved surface or builds the data that nod the cloud to did not include; What a model of CopyCAD proceed triangle can turn after finishing is converse, the process of changeover undertakes notting have seaming join through a key-press, those who assured diagnostic information is complete, lose without the feature, place of other and converse software cannot do this. The tectonic curve that generates in CopyCAD at the same time also can output PowerShape to make can be being returned to modelling directly to CopyCAD proceed converse job. The trigonometry model that CopyCAD builds also can undertake in PowerSHARE the mould is designed directly. Afore-mentioned introductions are seen, the CopyCAD software of DELCAM company has powerful converse modelling function, use processing technique mixes its and NC to shape quickly technical photograph is united in wedlock, be sure to be able to make cycle of company product development, development shortens greatly, the successful rate that raised product innovation, quality and shortened development cycle. Entered the market to create for new product first machine, bring enormous economic benefits for the enterprise. CNC Milling CNC Machining