Our country successful development is full automatic laser spells solder 0 prototype

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Sow by institute of automation of Shenyang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Japanese Ishikawa island grind the company limited that weigh labour (IHI company) the our country of joint development the first full automatic laser spells solder product line 0 prototype developed a success in Shenyang a few days ago. According to introducing, the respect such as automation of industry of Shenyang automation place, robot, advanced production system and photoelectricity technology has deep technology to accumulate. Japanese IHI company is one of 500 strong companies of world, the experience of research and development that waits for heavy machinery and equipment to create a field in the sources of energy, chemical industry, environmental protection, shipbuilding and treatment equipment is quite rich, have advantage of distinct product market competition. In Feburary 2005, place and Japanese IHI company are in Shenyang automation Shenyang established SIA-IHI to combine research and development center, spell solder technology and research and development of whole set equipment to spread out materiality to cooperate for core with laser. Shenyang automation is in the foundation that introduces day of square technology program to go up, tackle key problem through combination, a certain number of crucial technology issues in solving line spelling solder to develop development. As we have learned, full automatic laser spells solder product line to use laser the sources of energy, solder artificially with the machine and go up, next makings automation methods, a certain number of different capable person the plank of qualitative, different ply, different coating has spelling solder automatically, main application makes an enterprise wait at manufacturer of large and steely enterprise, car, shipping. Laser spells the development that solder whole set equips to succeed, the product that is sure to increase steely business considerably is additional cost, economic the investment cost of automobile factory business, raise environmental protection coefficient, perspective of its market application is wide. CNC Milling CNC Machining