Machining center of HMC series horizontal ensures efficient treatment

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Have the characteristic of cutting of high-power of low speed big torque, high speed, and deploy circumgyrate type pallet changer, improve treatment efficiency considerably. Machining center of HMC series horizontal is overall design layout shows T word structure for vertical, horizontal lathe bed, even if lathe bed around is mobile,Z axis is workbench edge, x axis is pillar to control shift along horizontal lathe bed, y axis gives priority to pillar of axle box edge to move up and down. Lathe bed is used supported a construction at 3 o'clock, installation goes to the lavatory quickly, ensure precision stability. Before X is shown to lathe bed slideway low hind high-ranking ladder shape distributings, below the circumstance that assures Z axis intensity, reduce the weight of mobile component pillar greatly, can obtain taller acceleration thereby can, can resist effectively when cutting at the same time capsize moment of force; Pillar is worn for dragon doorcase model registering case, have good tigidity, get power even, hot balance sex is good, precision is stable. Each feed axis all uses linear roller guide, carrying capacity is large, attrition force is small, suck brace up the gender is good and crawl is not had when low speed moves, athletic precision is tall; Advocate transmission adopts speed change of two archives gear, main shaft is highest rotate speed is 6000r/min, gearshift range is big, the characteristic of cutting of high-power of low speed big torque, high speed, can satisfy the user requirement to big torque main shaft already, can satisfy the user requirement to main shaft of high rotate speed again; Be located in a machine tool advocate the catenary below treatment area board platoon bits implement, can cut those who machine generation bits to ship a machine tool seasonable and quickly exterior, increase the stability of successive treatment thereby. Exchange of workbench of HMC80e horizontal machining center uses trade of direct circumgyrate type, commutative rate is rapid, can machine in a workbench while, another workbench holds calorie of work, save auxiliary time, raise precision, efficiency and automation rate. Whole sealing type defends the adoption between, the scrap when can making the machine tool is machined in cutting and cooling fluid nothing more than excessive, can make sure sanitation is clean all round the machine tool, ensure safe, environmental protection. Machining center of HMC series horizontal can apply extensively at mechanical, car, metallurgy, spin and aerospace to wait for the treatment of spare parts of each industry enginery, the mill that suits spare parts much working face especially, auger, boring, bore with a reamer, attack the multitask foreword such as curved surface of whorl and 2D, 3D to machine, have the good performance that achieves Kong Jihe to make the same score treatment in holding card, the tune that fits a part bores hole treatment, it is had not only what realize high speed cutting inside unit time is efficient function, and can make be obtained by treatment spare parts high accuracy and fast face quality. Machining center of HMC series horizontal still can be derived model product, the workbench that be like sheet, add outfit numerical control to make the same score come back dish etc, in order to satisfy the different requirement of the user. Can solve valve of car, internal-combustion engine, aerospace, home appliance, pump kind the treatment difficult problem that waits for an industry with current mechanism. Structural design is unique, have the characteristic of cutting of high-power of low speed big torque, high speed. CNC Milling CNC Machining