The milling power of 58kW of milling machine of car of WFL M80 Millturn establishs industry new standard

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M80 Millturn is passed modular machine tool concept can realize the product model with very substantial amount. Be based on concept of WFL module machine tool, m80 machine tool can have all sorts of tectonic figure, this is a of M80 important characteristic. Be based on concept of module machine tool, the company can put on the machine tool that accords with client demand with standard tool group. The treatment system that this will make fluctuation slideway the most extensive is the same as WFL union of photograph of solution of all lumen treatment becomes a possibility. The space that machine tool of double main shaft also can have all centers to reach a center (besides 1000mm) . Machine tool concept is based on the smallest change the space of cutting tool and work to slippery course, reach the biggest change slideway to be apart from, in order to form tigidity of optimal machine tool and good geometrical figure. The machine tool uses Xi Menzi SINUMERIK 840D SOLUTION LINE to control a system, combine new Sinamic drive. 19 ″ display screen, can adjust height is spent with corner coming back, facilitating client is operated. Graph 1 modular the central fittings of machine tool of machine tool M80 Millturn is unit of car boring mill, dimension and function rise greatly, facilitate heavy-duty treatment. Because the innovation of the machine tool is designed, bottom slideway does not need any stretch shield, drossy and OK successful eduction. Central wearing slippery course and tailstock or two adjacent centers wear slippery course between most stone's throw has 50mm only, this makes the state discharging bits of M80 stabler than traditional machine tool. On M80 standard machine tool, the center wears slippery course and tailstock to deserve to have numerical control drive, can part or be located in the program at the same time (if need) . New-style knife library is delicate, firm, the unit of maintenance-free, but by operate before the machine tool. Change knife manipulator by the high dynamic performance of rack and gear drive, provide linear guide, can overcome effectively slant by weight the prejudicial force that buy creates. Accordingly although heft 35kg, the cutting tool of long 900mm also can undertake safety changes a knife quickly. To lumen treatment, the user can be chosen deserve to contain 2 to be as long as the library of capture type knife of 1700mm cutting tool, perhaps choose deserve to contain 15 to be as long as the library of rotary table knife of lever of 2500mm heavy-duty boring. The core part of graph 2 M80 -- the milling power that M80 of unit of car boring mill has 58kW, this compares tower above of congener machine tool 30% . CNC Milling CNC Machining