Type of an organic whole of mill of HYUNDAI WIA car 9 axes are compound treatment opportunity LM3000MTS

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LM3000MTS is contemporary power inferior the form of an organic whole of a Che Xi that newest and exclusive development gives 9 axes are compound treatment opportunity. This type uses 12 ″ double main shaft is adscititious the main shaft that establishs milling head is tectonic, can come true to complete turning and milling treatment at the same time on a machine tool. This type uses pillar shift design, double main shaft and the rotate speed that establish milling head amount to 3000r/min and 1200r/min respectively, of X/Y/Z axis move send a distance to be 210mm of 860mm, ± and 1690mm respectively. B axis is used inside electric machinery of servo of buy type straight drive, move send an axis slideway of all and applicable linear roller. Such configuration made sure this type has tall treatment precision and excellent treatment performance, the treatment that can answer complex form to add workpiece asks, it is the admirable choice of the sources of energy, aviation and market of treatment of component of medical apparatus and instruments. In market of current world machine tool, only a few enterprises such as MAZAK, DMG, MORI SEIKI mastered 9 axes the technology of research and development of compound treatment opportunity. Accordingly, the development of LM3000MTS is meant successfully not only contemporary power inferior had mastered technology of the world's most sophisticated machine tool research and development, also will increase contemporary power inferior the competition ability that in high end high additional cost machines equipment market. CNC Milling CNC Machining