What item should numerical control machine tool notice to machining glass?

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Very much now glass machines an enterprise to had applied CNC Machining, above all, the vitreous measure that wants treatment according to place comes out with CAD scale. Because of the glass when treatment put the position with the glass when plot to must agree, need when plot so glass left next horn are origin surely. After draw good plan turn what come out by CAD scale by special software for the order that can process. Vitreous treatment compares the treatment at the metal, craft is a lot of simpler, complex without machining also. Gain ground as what vitreous mechanization machines, our country will have very big market to develop, although industry of machinery of our country glass grows speed and dimensions to rank world front row now, but be in centrally mostly in cheap domain, technical level and additional cost on the low side. Machinery of the nicety that our country manufacturing industry is badly in need of now, complex glass and fittings, what future goes all out is the core competition ability of the product. What item should numerical control machine tool notice to machining glass? Before undertaking numerical control glass is machined, must undertake to equipment corrective time 0, examine requirement of barometric whether contented device. The note that numerical control glass machines: 1. The beard when using new cutting tool undertakes be installinged afresh to cutting tool code. 2. Dimension of treatment finished product is like occurrence error, the possibility is created, must undertake correction to its parameter. 3. When choosing cutting tool, lest crash glass,notice feed means and way. 4. The attention when treatment cannot too near work area, lest come up against smooth feeling groove guard and create equipment dead opportunity. Current, CNC Machining center basically applies at furniture glass and automobile glass, and use at building glass opposite less. But rise as what ask to building vitreous exterior mass, the use of CNC Machining center also is in grow in quantity, the treatment of the processing that basically is in with the chamfer cutting corner of outer dew, different edge. (original title: Numerical control machine tool machines vitreous note) CNC Milling CNC Machining