Be opposite inside applied machine Dao Yi, improve product quality

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The precision to the knife can affect the treatment precision of the spare parts, in the meantime, immediate still to knife efficiency impact machines efficiency. Be opposite inside applied machine Dao Yi, can bring intuitionistic quality improvement and benefit to the user. The Tool Setting Process Can Affect The Processing Of Parts In Terms Of Precision And Efficiency.

The Use Of Internal Tool Setters Brings Users Both Quality And Efficiency Benefits That They Can See.

In the process that in application numerical control machine tool has manufacturing production product part, the factor that affects spare parts quality is very much, if craft of heat treatment of material of precision of numerical control machine tool, workpiece, workpiece, treatment, cooling fluid, cutting tool waits a lot of element a moment. Among them, the accurate setting of cutting tool parameter, all the time since what be cared by everybody rarely however and take seriously, the methodological characteristic that undertakes on numerical control machine tool accurate cutting tool is installed and development tendency discuss the key here. Numerical control machine tool is commonly used main to knife method coordinate concern is told commonly, use normally having two coordinate is: One is department of machine tool coordinate, another is workpiece coordinate department. Department of machine tool coordinate is the coordinate department with inherent machine tool, the origin that machine tool coordinate fastens calls machine tool origin or machine tool at 0 o'clock. Go to the lavatory for computation and process designing, we need to build workpiece coordinate department in department of machine tool coordinate. The some dot that attends work fastens origin as coordinate (also call program origin) building coordinate is, this coordinate is fastened even if workpiece coordinate is. In routine, we should make process designing fiducial as far as possible with the design, assemble fiducial coincide. Normally the circumstance falls, the department of machine tool coordinate of a machine tool is fixed, and workpiece coordinate is OK build respectively according to machining the effective demand of craft a certain number of, wait for the workpiece coordinate department that will choose to differ by G54, G55 for example. When undertaking CNC Machining to the purpose of the knife, the route that place of numerical control program takes all is the athletic contrail of the point of a knife of the cutting tool on main shaft. Cutting tool knife the athletic contrail of the dot needs to fasten next undertaking that control accurately in machine tool coordinate first and last, because department of machine tool coordinate is a machine tool,this is exclusive fiducial. Process designing personnel knows the specific measure of all sorts of norms cutting tool impossibly when having to program, to simplify process designing, when this is having to program with respect to need, use those who unite is fiducial, undertake adding man-hour in use cutting tool next, cutting tool accurate length is mixed radius dimension is opposite at this fiducial undertake slanting accordingly buy, get the accurate seat of cutting tool point of a knife thereby. Decide to the purpose of the knife cutting tool length and radius are worth namely so, decide when treatment point of a knife fastens medium exact position in workpiece coordinate thereby. Commonly used to preliminary adjustments of knife cutting tool to knife method appearance is outside machine a kind but presetting and the measuring instrument that measure length of point of a knife, diameter implement, after this instrument is like and numerical control machine tool forms DNC network, in the cutting tool parameter in still can inputting data of cutting tool length, diameter remotely machining center NC. The advantage of this kind of method is had proofreaded cutting tool outside the machine tool beforehand, mount machine tool can be used namely, save auxiliary time greatly. But main drawback is to measure value of eventuate static state, in machining a process actually, cannot wear away in real time to cutting tool or damaged condition undertakes updating, and cannot be opposite in real time be out of shape by machine tool heat the cutting tool that cause extends retractive travel to measure. Try cut a law to try to the knife cut a law to be in namely to the knife before workpiece is machined formally, operate a machine tool with type of hand movable mould by handlers first, undertake the cutting of a small amount to workpiece, handlers listens with eye view, ear to judge a basis, determine the position of current point of a knife, undertake be machininged formally next. The advantage of this method is not to need additional investment to acquire tool equipment, economic material benefit. Main drawback is efficiency low, tall to requirement of handlers technology level, and produce factitious error easily. In actual production, try cut a law to still have a lot of deriving method, wait like gauge block law, Tu Se law. To the knife this is planted inside machine is to use a setting to work in the machine tool to knife means inside machine the measurement unit on mesa (to Dao Yi) , to knife library medium cutting tool is pressed beforehand the program of set undertakes metrical, next with referenced position or the length that standard knife undertakes comparative getting cutting tool or diameter update parameter of corresponding NC cutting tool automatically in the watch, for example the M&h of the group is opposite Haikesikang Dao Yi. In the meantime, pass pair of cutting tool detect also can come true to wear away to cutting tool, damaged or installation model are correct identify. A: Undertaking the length of cutting tool measure, perhaps undertake cutting tool heats up the dimension after becoming adjustable along with machine tool main shaft. B: Measuring in what have way of cutting tool diameter. C: Wait for detected cutting tool right now already damaged, through measure can seasonable discovery and calling the police to the knife. It is accurate that Nextpage uses pair of Dao Yi to have the main to the knife good point inside machine, automatic, real time, do not have technical requirement to handlers. Defect is to need alone configuration to measure a head to the knife. Pass above to be able to see quite, pair of knives undertake to Dao Yi inside use machine, its are integrated the advantage is very apparent. Be opposite inside machine inside the to Dao Yi composition machine inside knife appearance machine general to Dao Yi by sensor, signal interface and to Dao Hong program software is comprised. According to sensor work way, can divide to Dao Yi inside machine be opposite to Dao Yi and laser for contact Dao Yi two kinds. Among them contact is right of knife appearance oneself repeat measure precision to be 1 μ M, can differ according to what to Dao Yi signal transmits means again, farther fractionize is the following kinds: Cable formula is right Dao Yi, if the sea overcomes Si Kang's TS35.

10 pairs of Dao Yi; Infrared formula is right Dao Yi, if the sea overcomes Si Kang's IRT35.

70 pairs of Dao Yi; Radio formula is right Dao Yi, if the sea overcomes Si Kang's RWT35.

50 pairs of Dao Yi. Cable formula is right Dao Yi, because do not need to have first-rate sheet to the changeover component of knife signal sexual price is compared, because this is most common in the job, but its defect is the daggle that has cable, restricted the applied circumstance of this pairs of Dao Yi, the 3 axes milling machine of small norms in be being applied to mostly / machining center. Infrared formula is right Dao Yi, signal transmission limits is in commonly 6m less than. Its advantage is the HDR that uses code (high speed data is transmitted) the inconvenience that infra-red technology avoided cable daggle to bring thereby and potential safe menace, machine a space to can getting off not to take up from workbench face at any time after the knife, and can much stage machine tool is common one reduces integrated cost thereby to Dao Yi. Its defect is when be used on small-sized machining center sexual price is compared not tall. By its the characteristic is decided, this kinds multi-purpose to Dao Yi establish a car to wait at medium-sized machine tool and large numerical control. Radio formula is right Dao Yi, radio signal transmission limits is in commonly 10 meters of above. Its advantage is radio signal transmission range is big and be affected not easily by the environment, machine a space to can getting off not to take up from workbench face at any time after the knife, and can much stage machine tool is common one can reduce integrated cost thereby to Dao Yi. This kinds multi-purpose to Dao Yi at large / heavy-duty machine tool. Laser is right Dao Yi, if the sea overcomes Si Kang's LTS35.

60, the fundamental of this product sparks to use focusing laser light beam to be agency, when the cutting tool that is rotated when laser light beam is obstructed, generation sparks signal. What with contact to Dao Yi essence differs is laser use blame contact to measure to Dao Yi, be opposite force was not contacted when the knife, because contact what mechanical responsiveness sends petty cutting tool to fold caustic,need not worry, be like LTS35.

The 60 cutting tool diameters that can measure are OK small to 0.

008mm (for example broach, tap kind or miniature milling cutter) , oneself repeats measure precision to achieve 0.

2 μ M. In the meantime, because measure when, cutting tool rotates with machining speed high speed, measure condition to be equal almost completely so at machining condition actually, raised the practical precision to the knife. Because use laser technology, this pairs of Dao Yi can undertake scanning to cutting tool appearance and measure the outline of cutting tool, can undertake to the single the crucial point of multiple-cutting-edge tool damaged is monitored. Its are main defect is a structure complex, the source of high quality gas with additional need undertakes protective to internal composition, cost is higher, basically apply to high speed machining center. The to Dao Yi common function inside machine and advantage (1) cutting tool length / measure automatically of the diameter and parameter updates: Length undertakes when cutting tool is turning / diametical trends is measured, the end that measured parameter to include machine tool main shaft to jumpy / radial and jumpy error, when getting cutting tool is machined in high speed thereby " dynamic " slant buy value; In the meantime, can undertake be metricaled automatically of cutting tool parameter at any time, thereby great because machine tool heat is out of shape,eliminated of the cutting tool parameter that cause " change " ; In measuring the parameter that updates corresponding cutting tool automatically as a result to express, the potential risk that avoids a person completely to be pair of knives and parameter input to bring. (2) cutting tool wears away / the automatic monitoring of damaged: In producing a course actually, wear away when cutting tool or damaged (break off) when, handlers discovers in time very hard and correct (especially the broach with lesser diameter kind cutting tool) , the loss that causes more and follow-up cutting tool thereby even of workpiece discard as useless. Can be to Dao Yi inside use machine before library of knife of the replace after cutting tool treatment ends, undertake automatically metrical to cutting tool length, when if happen,wearing away normally OK and automatic will wear away several watch arrive newly in knife caustic parameter, if produce train in excess specified length,wear away can regard as cutting tool damaged (break off) choose to change thereby the treatment that new knife has next work stops automatically perhaps machine call the police clew handlers undertakes cutting tool changes. Such, improved product quality and reduce cutting tool loss or percent defective. (3) machine tool hot metabolic compensates automatically: When the machine tool undertakes manufacturing machining, as the change of the change of surroundings temperature and working load, the heat of the machine tool is out of shape be in at any time happen to drive change of cutting tool happening then, its are as a result same table machine tool is in inside the workshop early / in / the dimension precision that treatment of late different period of time gives a product produces very big wave motion. Be opposite inside use machine after Dao Yi, in the process perhaps is being machined before can be being machined, undertake be measured automatically and be updatinged to cutting tool parameter at any time, be being measured every time is the cutting tool setting that has below condition of hot metabolic of current machine tool, thereby because machine tool heat is out of shape,huge was reduced the error that introduce. (4) the measurement of cutting tool outline and monitoring: In special treatment, if shape knife, cutting tool outline has to Dao Yi outside use machine measure and judgement of cutting tool condition is the job with cost complex from time to time, to pair of knives of handlers at the same time skill also has very high demand. At this moment, if use the laser inside machine to Dao Yi, the scanning that can use laser light beam to have cutting tool outline at any time is measured or monitoring, update automatically according to what need undertakes corresponding parameter. CNC Milling CNC Machining