Machine tool of electric spark of drive of linear electric machinery creates high quality exact pattern

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The linear technology of sanded Dick company from nearly 10 year were received since commercialization, to 2006 autumn already accumulated sale to exceed 1.

50 thousand. The machine tool that sanded Dick already appeared on the market basically is machine of line electrode cut and machine of electric spark form cutting, no matter which breed is configured,have 3 axes or the linear electric machinery of 4 axes. Sanded Dick everyday 10 thousand linear electric machinery are in know exactly about sth movement. The high quality exact pattern that the article supports to such linear technologies that build adequately makes the treatment craft that reachs its to be able to come true make one introduction. Linear technology and CNC technology show the circularity precision that undertakes machining acquisition with reference axis of drive of linear electric machinery like plan institute. The circularity precision after this makes clear a course 5 years still did not see a data of characteristic of exasperate linear electric machinery. In the service life of CNC machine tool, can say linear electric machinery is nonexistent at least the problem of ageing. The linear electric machinery of sanded Dick company was used on athletic controller can realize SMC of high speed pilot (Sodick Motion Controller) . Because SMC is on each axis,can choose PID control and the slip mode that regard contemporary control as one of theory independently, can acquire first-rate trends character so. Additional, be aimed at problem of environmental temperature change, used on the design call heat to be out of shape multivariate match (Thermal Multi-fit) compensation of accurate hot displacement, with reducing mechanical displacement as far as possible. Heat is out of shape multivariate match through measuring a machine tool the temperature of each place, use changeful amount analytic and finite yuan of analysis law, can realize the compensation of high accuracy. If pursue linear,the discharge of electric machinery drive machines a machine tool, the very target CNC machine tool " repeat precision " raised top level, that is to say although this kind of machine tool is achieved through precision error still can repeating after 5 years inferior micron is the following. Additional, it is only on the base that had this kind of tall repeatability precision, like hot displacement compensation ability of such most advanced control produces the result of utmost. Knowledge and intelligence are sharp the development of machine tool of discharge of electric machinery drive is skilled skill and high repeatability be united in wedlock. All through the ages, the excellent skill of skilled handlers becomes sense knowledge and undertake systematize hard. On the other hand, the positive result of research and development that has an organization can pass reliable database and turn mode into knowledge, become the basis that participates in researcher of new function, new development. But the high repeatability of machine tool of discharge of drive of linear electric machinery, also can a lot of skill person the result of all sorts of choices is accurate ground emersion comes out, the excellent skill of handlers became the adroitness that regarding the history thereby is idea knowledge to be able to try the result of systematize. Step treatment sample is will skilled skill person the example of a treatment that machines craft to realize automation emersion successfully. This function calls TC-FTC, machine condition to adjust cut parameter ably to have an action in that way like skilled handlers basis. Can believe, want the excellent technical ability of existence practician only, this kind of intelligence that has high repeatability changes a technology to be able to continue to develop certainly. Anybody can go to the lavatory the partial picture that use taper machines. Through providing visual function, realized instinctive interface. This experiment shortened the operation of machine tool of discharge of drive of linear electric machinery grooms time, still turned common unused function into the auxiliary function that uses easily at the same time. Be like in front the TC-FTC function that has introduced in that way, machine tool of this kind of CNC have the treatment that considers as top level, became anybody to come true easily, the operation of easy society, this is to nicety the mould makes made very large contribution. Tall freedom spends treatment to become when must undertaking automation, the hand moves the element of the operation to be able to decrease. Once reduce a hand to change a requirement, the skill of handlers and enthusiasm also were done not have. Although can use automation to make up for present top level, so want to level the field that surpasses this level, the experience of handlers and thought are indispensable still. Be aimed at such problem, drive of linear electric machinery puts the application of electric machinery bed, be not is the answer choice case that black box turns merely, and return make it have NC order input to assist, and those who recommend handlers to machine a condition from what become a characteristic is complete kind of functional structure. Its are as a result, the skilled handlers that has remarkable technical ability can operate machine tool of discharge of drive of linear electric machinery freely, it is a target in order to surmount then, support the production of mould of high grade nicety. With the sample that machine of cut of electrode of line of drive of linear electric machinery machines, receiving plug-in unit mould to go up, basically used the technology of old length breadth ratio. Relative to the ply of muscle, came true to make its length achieves 100 times. Have representative nicety to seem figure to the doubt of the long drift that cuts a mould into parts, use the electrode silk of 30 Dai , treatment ply is 80mm, realized tall linearity precision. The electric spark forming machine that uses drive of linear electric machinery machines the iota that go out, and be the smallest corner R on eye preexistence bound be only 3.

The sample of 5 Dai . These high quality exact pattern sample complete treatment on the solid base that builds with linear technology, rise lots and lots of sophisticated technologies as pillar accumulation " technology " and " skill " give incorporate. The mould that last word place expects makes form, disparate industry is each are not identical. The industry with high popularity rate to raise final user buy enthusiasm, and a few production are changed and enhance competition ability to much breed, still must shorten date of delivery. The treatment example of article introduction before cannot the treatment pattern that the mould changes, carry out through what the mould changes, already can reduce manufacturing cost substantially. This that is to say, in all moulds in making, can suit flexible is linear technology. Can think, linear technology will take on the leader that the world produces. CNC Milling CNC Machining