The electric spark processing technique of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut

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Foreword develops quickly as industry of our country mould, every year all more than 10 thousand electric spark machines a machine tool to enter a mould to create a field. The development of mould industry basically relies on technical progress, pattern of the large, nicety with technical at present high content, complex, macrobian order grows ceaselessly, the development of these hi-tech moulds, the technology that promoted a mould to machine equipment progresses, moulds of a lot of new and high technology machine equipment emerge as the times require, and in forming machine of numerical control electric spark and cut of numerical control line discharge machines plane side, develop a school of one's own of it may be said of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut. As world-renowned electric spark treatment machine tool produces one of manufacturer -- electric machinery of 3 water chestnut offers low-pressure switch product to begin to tried hard to provide advanced product, technology and excellent service to Chinese client ceaselessly to Chinese market from 1966. As Chinese reform development and economy grow, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut also gets developing increasingly strength in Chinese career. Make from the mould of the car, the mould of electronic industry is made, include mobile phone, toy, mould of electric home appliancesDistinct advantage ensures its product advanced sex machines machine tool manufacturer in electric spark in electric machinery of sanded Dick, Ajixiamier, 3 water chestnut, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut is at present the market has the company with higher rate, closely related this advantage that with him place has alone. Above all, as global synthetic corporation, the integrated technology advantage that electric machinery of 3 water chestnuts rises for years is other manufacturer is incomparable. For instance 3 water chestnut mix his most sophisticated technology the most outstanding product, in waiting for the machine tool that uses oneself like switch of numerical control system, transducer, electric equipment, maintained technical stability already so, reduced cost again at the same time. Next, 3 water chestnut have team of powerful research and development, technology to update rapid, type replaces rate fast, want basically every year to roll out an above new product, speed of such research and development and actual strength also are other company place hard look forward to reachs. Additional, 3 water chestnut mature quite in Chinese factory, dalian factory already had 10 years of histories and certain dimensions, rolling out with every months of 120 speed suit Chinese market and the machine tool that accord with Chinese relative standard. The system of management of a complete set of that it uses includes character, purchase, main component, pack all unite completely with Japanese company, this ensures from technical level the stability of advanced sex of the technology and product. 2.

Distributors of protection of sale agent system and user interest the advanced sex besides the product and stability, can last of the enterprise development and be closely bound up of its product sale. Will tell from sale mode, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut uses a sale agent to make, . Use the advantage that the agent sells to depend on: One of, produce cost can charge a sex, no matter the market rises to still drop, manufacturing cost keeps basic from beginning to end can accuse state; Secondly, use agency system quickly occupational market, can achieve very rapid outspread rate; Thirdly, implementation resource is optimized, reduced the cost that develops mass sale personnel, invest gotten profit and resource effectively in research and development. 3 water chestnut are stricter to agential management, undertake every year twice grooming to the agent. In acting sale process, 3 water chestnut implement system signing up for equipment, the newspaper is made fully have two effect, it is the benefit that guaranteed an agent, the agent spends effort to dig a client, the course signs up for equipment to be able to make his interest is able to protect to the company; 2 it is the interest that protects final client, quite long henceforth period of time is reached now inside, 3 water chestnut won't undertake to its China market area differentiates, this is the one big move that guarantees user benefit, because do not have area to differentiate to won't create the market monopoly inside particular area, client ability is taken more reasonable, real value. 3.

Perfect technology and service support take client of service whole world, establish the concept of the service center, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut is in Shanghai, Ning Bo, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenzhen, Dongguan had built technical service center, client to groom center and application demonstrate a center. The client can visit a center to watch machine tool treatment to demonstrate, perhaps raise specific requirement, offer sample, the machine tool that uses each center undertakes trying machining, get optimum solution and major groom service. The near future, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut still will be in Guangzhou, establish maintenance service center without stannum, Chengdu, offer perfect technology to seek advice for the client, the technology grooms and after service, offer integral solution to the client, help client promotes competition ability. 4.

EA8M of forming machine of electric spark of numerical control of 3 water chestnut mixes forming machine of electric spark of 3 water chestnut EA12D is compared because of sexual price tall, fit Chinese market, wide get Chinese client favour and recognition. EA8M covers an area of an area small, can have the treatment of high accuracy, high quality to small-sized workpiece. Use technology of 64 CNC EDM, use the Dyna Tech of system of new comprehensive treatment of advanced processing technique. Special treatment condition (Hybridpark) have all sorts of treatment means and treatment requirement, satisfy the treatment need of client nicety. The treatment way that should choose to accord with a client to ask only and component sample, realize optimal treatment can simply, and do not need a change to machine a condition to raise treatment rate. Intelligent leap system (Ss Jump) through reducing needless bouncing time substantially, improved the efficiency of bouncing treatment thereby. Function of electric machinery of servo of new-style number AC also enhanced the efficiency from adaptive control. 2 times discharge controls (Fuzzy Pro Plus) : Improve model ambiguous and logistic control can reduce handling time, because its control the clearance of discharge effectively, thereby although process the work of small area when, yi Ke obtains stable high-speed to machine. The Orbit Pro of new development (orbit function) , make electric machinery motion is balanced, treatment surface is even, this advanced processing technique makes electrode does successive exercise, dog target appearance, end up with the finish machining surface of stable high accuracy and high quality, offer condition of new treatment of taller treatment precision and superior quality Hybridpack to search a system, use multipolar treatment condition to be improved in the round to machining speed, precision and electrode loss to do, when using powder even, also can undertake brilliant face is machined or advanced treatment of the face that do not have light. Through using effective latest technology, the small amount that 3 water chestnut had created tigidity of favorable balance of trade afresh is compact technology. Use EMD system especially, make actuating device smaller and it is better to answer, improved systematic physical characteristic thereby, increased to machine function. CAE structure analysis has been used at developing EA set optimal design, ensure through using the Gao Gang of small core is advanced and gender, cast-iron structure and special LM slideway, can undertake compact system high accuracy is machined thereby. E.




R is inputted easily, do not need experience, use conversational mode interface to simplify input: The basis works and charge an amount, the set that by order reasonable input every other needs is worth, skill uses interface of traces of human presence to establish machine program conveniently, use the expert that decides optimal treatment condition automatically to machine combination and function of opening fixed position, will simplify to machine a process for nothing more greatly. EA12D is used special increased treatment chamfer (1050*700*450) , fit the requirement of Chinese client more; System of SS Jump integrated leap, reduce needless bouncing time substantially, raised leap to machine efficiency thereby; Use HybirdPack, the client needs to choose to accord with the treatment means that he asks and component sample only, with respect to can simple implementation optimal treatment; The standard configures jolty function of new Orbit Pro, this function can make surface of electrode carry dynamic balancing, treatment even, can get the treatment face of stable high accuracy and high quality finally; Fluid of standard configuration treatment is lukewarm charge unit, make machine fluid temperature control to become easier; Optional match pulverous treatment (black lead pink) the treatment of high accuracy surface that will realize large area electrode; 5.

Link: The workpiece of tool set of applied example mobile phone of EA8M of forming machine of electric spark of 3 water chestnut and EA12D: NAK80 electrode: Copper (1pc) handling time: 8.

Surface roughness of 7 hours of surfaces: 0.

Feature of 4 μ MRa: After using high speed cut to undertake rough machining, with an electrode (handling time shortens 20 % ) , will model antrum machines exterior surface roughness 0.

4 μ MRa. Will model antrum home project easily the varnish of polishing, reduced polishing time greatly thereby (polishing handling time reduces 50 % . Through deleting treatment (reduce electrode amount) , shorten electrode production and installation time. Floppy disk tool set: Workpiece: SKD61 electrode: Copper handling time: Surface roughness of 305 hours of surfaces: 0.

Feature of 5 μ MRa: Can use FP Ⅱ power source to finish high speed bedding face to accumulate treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining