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The development of Bob company makes clear a workshop that once had short-term moving treatment, it is how to transform its machine craft, of the need that continues in order to satisfy to produce. 2009, bob company (be located in American Russia to force city of ridge city Hillsboro) when winning a significant production to process a project, the boss of this company and senior employee raised a such questions: "How should do now? " they did not think of to be able to win this project. No less than the meaning of this company name in that way, from the point of development experience, bob company devotes oneself to archetypal design and short-term product development all the time, the treatment with mature and rather than is produced. In fact, a lot of clients of this company come from electronic industry, the production of their overseas is having long history. Accordingly, brush mechanical manufacturer to ask they make about 150 parts when affix an official seal of a business (increase 250 later) when overall production quotes, boss Mr Bob Hale is a bit indecisive. The quote that he thinks should simple application regards an Asia as the supplier with American country of origin is fiducial. And feasibility condition is different. When the supplier that prepares to seek an United States when this client, took a fancy to the archetypal spare parts of these printer that Bob company provides. In archetypal design process, the job of Bob company is very successful all the time, so the development process that has to repeat production, whether can you also obtain similar result? Very apparent, through round of another round contest mark, the quote of this company is holding lead position all the time. Final, their price is not merely under other American vendors, the manufacturing cost that compares abroad supplier even is low still. This one admirable discovery, special originate two main factors. One is shipping and factor of poor travel cost. Bob company is closer from the client, and Asian supplier is the other shore in ocean. From the point of experience, printer manufacturer has been learned how to calculate the real cost of this one distance, the relevant charge of the member that include to send project technology backer of the Asia from the United States and the fee of additional stock part that regard line-haul as amortize. Considering the element of all sorts of premium, this cut overseas production greatly from the cost advantage that has it seems that apparently. Another element depends on the level of treatment major technology of Bob company. Resemble a lot of small-sized workshops in that way, bob company has a core worker team that has a few years of rich experience. Its are advanced the employee has manufacturing experience of 25 years on average. Come from traditional sense say, this company has used this one experience at gradually manufacturing industry of hardware of antiquated short edition. To strive for this treatment project, they this one professional knowledge, be aimed at the manufacturing technology of high cost directly, in the spare parts production that uses its at needing to repeat treatment. Graph 1 use this kind of setting, every treatment cycle is producible give a hexahedral treatment. Each workpiece will transfer bench clamp of second mate from clamp of the first slave station, transfer Jim O of engineer of cutting tool of axis of the 4th treatment again next ' one of senior staff members that Mr Leary is Bob company, the development of responsible production technology works. In win this contract before long, this company removes inside an older factory building, produce demand newly to answer this, increased numerical control machine tool (CNC) amount. However, although had these changing, they still do not have ability to invest in the round again instantly, its new treatment project is changed to machine tool of type of production, resemble horizontal machining center, and O ' the task of Mr Leary, the vertical machining center that makes be had inside the workshop namely (VMC) , in the production that throws commonly used hardware effectively. Shorten as far as possible production is periodic, undertake try out to new cutting tool, the selection gives the cutting tool of economic production time, also be the main component that its work. In the beginning of the job begins, the discovery that machining however the more efficient way that improves manufacturing efficiency. Achieve to be in overall production as far as possible tall cost effectiveness, o ' personnel of Mr Leary etc pays close attention to each to produce craft element particularly, the working flow in including to machine cycle, debug design and the active management to whole set cutting tool. Graph 4 2 workpiece install card to rotate in this of type clamping apparatus all round, the A side that each cycle can machine two workpiece to go up respectively and two B side on workpiece are similar to a kind of typical way that at present workshop production runs HMC, explained working flow is machining the true meaning in cycle. "The one-time treatment that finish " it is its goal of production, o ' Mr Leary expresses. This means each treatment cycle to should be produced give a complete part. This company provided horizontal machining center at present (HMC) use at full scope production, this lifetime on VMC produces technology, can make this machine tool reachs the level of consistency with HMC on the function, be close to the character of service of HMC. Graph 1 in 10 this when what show, its 6 faces pass treatment. To achieve this one goal, inside size range of pipe bent need is versed in 3 times, among them the 3rd is versed in a graduator that is a four-axle. Actually, have 4 industry, because among them of a graduator change quickly clamping apparatus board debugs a setting outside the machine tool, at the same time the machine tool is in treatment in cycle of run. When every cycle ends, operator this one clamping apparatus board pull from inside graduator, and from clamping apparatus board in help a complete work. Its work flow is as follows: The work that operator processes preparation and B of a bench clamp together above all installs card to arrive in graduator. Help work from inside bench clamp B next, retroflexion from bench clamp A installation arrives in bench clamp B, go to a new workpiece setup again in bench clamp A. While treatment cycle moves, use this for a short while, the spare parts with will former outside the machine tool operator is tightened from card of bench clamp B secure clamping apparatus board to go up. Accordingly, the treatment that completes a part needs all working station. Machine the commutation between cycle, need 2min about, be versed in from the 4th an initial each treatment cycle is OK production gives a complete part. NextpageO ' Mr Leary says, resemble a such workpiece debug a setting, not only it is to improve treatment efficiency, also be for the fast changeover between the machine tool. As repeat the arrival that adds workpiece, bob company begins the motherboard that in its the configuration on the workbench of VMC offers by Stevens company. Inside the clamp aperture in getting stuck workpiece close element to design these motherboard, can break its immediately so undertake repetition debugging, and build place again again. Graph 3 final phase are to use a card to tighten a system, make because trigonometry rotates,the spare parts can hold calorie of exact fixed position quickly effect, the exact position that its get on in runner shaft coming back is particularly important, accordingly they used an Unilock that introduces from Big Kaiser company from locking system, the clamping apparatus that is used at Suo Dingga to hold a part board. For example, in 3 labour in debugging setting process, an Unilock already was located by accurate ground from the receiver of locking system at graduator rotate on the center. This can ensure its tigidity clamp is spent, already accurate fast. To the chief body work that along different graduation clamping apparatus locates one, unilock the receiver from locking system is the central line along clamping apparatus to neat calibration. O of system of management of add cutting tool ' Mr Leary says, the administrative method of their cutting tool also must reconsider. Previously, cutting tool is in dispersedly whole workshop, often discover the cutting tool that they often use in the meeting inside the kit of employee. Let employee save cutting tool with this kind of means, facilitate it seems that it seems that use, but the cutting tool that this kind of convenient meeting lets other employee search their place to need everywhere. For spare time, bob company knows very well their cutting tool needs to organize and center control to rise. Final, they chose the system of cutting tool management that by its cutting tool distributes company of the Western that sell business to develop development. This one achievement of Western company is called " cutting tool system of future " (FTS) , get used to existing tool ark to store, manage a method in order to found a cutting tool that can accuse and visits easily, be similar to a kind of cutting tool to be sold automatically machine. FTS is used store by computer pilot ark electron lock, lock of this kind of electron installs the tool library cutting tool in workshop new configuration to store on ark, the PC that runs interface of software of simple and easy FTS by undertakes controlling. To Bob company, this cutting tool system that optimizes management allows employee people the special cutting tool that also does not need to search their place to need everywhere again, and want free inside this one public facilities alternative only. The cutting tool that this system still can ask place adds automatically in recalling reserve detailed account, in order to facilitate new reserve is used. No matter be the cutting tool of what type, any employee can be in a few seconds now in find what what its need. Graph 4 cutting tool solve a lock to ask for through the software of this system, this software can be opened only of that cutting tool store company of Bob of ark electron lock needs for what produce actually, installed this to cover system of cutting tool management, o ' Mr Leary says, they may be used all the time go down. Although search not commonly used cutting tool to also need not spend how many time, because this should be covered,the system also will make the efficiency of archetypal design rises further. The result that precipitant workshop changes the line of production always is not hopeful certainly. After a few years, bob company is in those who win the surprise that the project processes related printer, transmitted negative breathtaking message, this treatment project begins to give now slippery trend. Already did not follow to go up to the demand of printer at present the development speed that their client place expects, consequently the order of printer component begins cut. In fact Bob company already experienced a paragraph of period that without printer relevant spare parts processes order, its inventory already cannot satisfy requirement. Stem from the expectation of pair of higher level order, big tray rivering bend machines the new-style Okuma that they installed to be comprised by two HMC recently unit. From the point of the result, because have the sense of urgency of any put into production no longer, the yield of new machine can be OK through slow and online show come out. O ' Mr Leary says, transfer to actual production remain right development way, its reason has a lot of kinds. It is firstly, the other client in domain of Bob company business, or is to consider to be produced in new place, or is production of country of origin of return United States. The opportunity is increasing ceaselessly. Resemble 3 labour setting, the part that explains its machine production and printer client do not have a relation. Another reason is to matter to prospective personnel to deploy. This company formulate and the professional technology personnel that carry out its to produce an item are about to leave his post, because these are advanced,the employee already amounted to emeritus age. The young stuff that has relevant technical ability is found very hard, o ' Mr Leary says, the respect of basic technical ability that they often need to work in this undertakes grooming. Accordingly, the correct channel that he thinks this company future scores a success will not merely the producer type with bureau common be confined to, also depend on the sort of can make this workshop worker fulfils the systematization that reach the designated position to produce. Besides the production methods that establishs a system, they also are in all the time try to establish the framework with very clear program of a work, this aux will be able to makes new employee begins to create value quite, they enter even when company when working level is inferior, lack produces experience. And the knowledge that archetypal design works to provide this field impossibly. O ' Mr Leary say, the name of this company also will be changed even. "Bob ' S Design Engineering " the name also cannot describe its job type and working limits again. Its new name " BDE Manufacturing Technologies " , will reveal its to be had more include quality, cover more appearance to change the characteristic of the service. CNC Milling CNC Machining