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Did not come to a factory: Liberate a person with automation

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Normal > as manpower cost, and the development of all sorts of new and high technologies, prospective factory will change direction to develop towards automation, intelligence, and " person " add watch will be engaged in in the factory tall, mainer job. Article general and reader discuss a few change that will produce in prospective factory and its society effect jointly. Normal >With The Increase In Labor Cost And The Development Of All Kinds Of High Technologies, factories In The Future Will Be More Automated And Intelligent.

It Is Unavoidable That Humans Will Be Replaced By Machines.

This Article Discusses Some Changes And Social Impact That May Arise From This Trend.

Pass through clean glass, to look in so big workshop, did not see a person, see a lot of sundry robots be worn in ceaseless business only however. Their some resembles a vehicle, some resembles pencil, some has an arm only however, appearance each different, the job also divides the work different. Their fine long hair of agile freely is not inferior at human worker, and rate is rapidder. Normal > run where to work again? In a clean, comfortable office, discover a few people are sitting satisfiedly before computer, drinking coffee to talk cheerfully and humourously. So they are in charge of superintending the staff member of whole factory namely, pass computer, their palm is controlling all manufacturing processes. This is the about of the prospective factory that we should talk about the article. Chemical plant of prospective automation, intelligence makes a person expect, at the same time we also are coming true stage by stage. Normal >normal > about the person: Emphasize particularly on scientific research sex, technical Normal >normal > as population bonus disappear, labour cost is increasing ceaselessly, battalion of already of look forward to faces enormous pressure. According to concerning personage analysis, pass " machine substitution " , technical bonus replaces population bonus, implementation industry transition upgrades, had made a kind of trend. Prospective factory will come true gradually nobody turn production, the direct labor job that produces a gleam of will be finished entirely by the robot, and many direct labor must realize the changeover to indirect labour force, ability prevents unemployment. Normal >normal > applies as the comprehensive promotion of automation technology, although will naturally reduce the obtain employment post of a few traditions, but brand-new intelligence makes mode also can produce a lot of new post. The machine displaced a person, but the machine still needs the mankind finally to hold accuse. Giant scientific research and administrative team need to prop up in the backside of huge automation system, but the post amount that produces among them also is finite however. Normal >normal > asks is higher instead, if hope to become prospective researcher, so the systematic study that is about to begin all sorts of professional new technologies in the school. The person that can be on post of tall, essence, pointed scientific research still is minority after all, more people still will flow to the post of administrator. But because did not come,all management in the factory had implemented automation, had been different from traditional administrative form. The administrator here must be had hold the technical ability that controls robot software, application and maintenance, they need to become the applied engineer of the robot and software engineer. Normal >normal Align=center>normal Align=center> runs a system. Normal >normal > about the technology: Search perfect cut bit of Normal >normal > as social IT, prospective factory will continue to be promotion function, reduce cost and function safe and hard. Be in contemporary in all sorts of new and high technologies, the intelligence that control diagnostic technology, communication technology, electron technology, material technology and software technology are in prospective factory changes development in, also will continue to produce main effect. Normal >normal > conduces to research and development going out not only high accuracy, efficient the product with tall intelligence, the green that still can realize manufacturing process at the same time is changed, low carbonization and intelligence are changed. How to make full use of all sorts of new and high technologies, search them successfully mutual between perfect cut a point, this develops those who deciding prospective enterprise dimensions and competitive actual strength. Normal >normal > installs workshop of electric equipment of shellfish case Xi Menzi is a successful case. It is successful 3 kinds of decisive production technologies, product lifecycle manages (abbreviation PLM) , make executive system (abbreviation MES) and industrial automation, concentration is together. Adopt these systems, enterprise can dedicated innovate at how shortening periodic, raise operation diaphaneity, through popularizing knowledge reserve improves individual production efficiency, found in dynamic environment forecast a mechanism to produce a risk in order to reduce. Normal >normal > says in that way, the development direction of prospective manufacturing industry also is depending on from search among numerous technology cut a point faultlessly, it is its conformity finally a whole manufacturing system. Normal >normal > about management: Normal >normal > implements manufacturing automation not only, also will implement administrative automation finally. Management did not come from the information processing that moves chemical plant will need Gao Shuiping and data management, the information system in prospective factory will be management information system of a database only only no longer, and will become " system of knowledge base management " . "System of knowledge base management " achieve intelligent administration, a few finite people can run whole and huge plant. For the administrator that runs skill to been have, hide at the back of computer to nod next finger to be able to finish his working content gently, simple and efficient. Nextpagenormal >normal > is in before failing to realize automation completely to be produced without life namely, "Digital unit is produced " regarding a kind of individuation as manufacturing management pattern also deserve attention. Photograph of mode of this kind of production is had to be being produced at product line do not need to change quantity of plan, semi-manufactured goods manageability of the look when least, production stops, can produce a lot of products at the same time, change position easily, do not need to consider product line to balance and breakdown feedback is rapid etc, it is a kind of careful and flexible production system. Normal >normal Align=center>normal Align=center> is produced. Normal >normal > asks to promote ceaselessly to the product as people, prospective manufacturing industry will more incline to is produced at individuation, small lot, prospective factory is accomplished only in ensure on the foundation of safety and environmental protection, know the quality that the client wants truly, price and date of delivery, its competition ability just can be to be mixed formidably abiding. Normal >normal > is used build " digital workbench " producer type, finish a product by one person (a large number of fittings) all assembly jobs, match with three-dimensional CAD data " the number handles notebook " make up for the mankind " memory is poor " weakness, not only the job that increased worker of a gleam of is enthusiastic, be developed adequately and aggrandizement the advantage such as their deft, the desire to do better, curiosity, and be helpful for personalized production. Normal >normal > implements automation in the round when prospective factory of course, the workshop is complete nobody turn production, this kind of mode still can be drawn lessons from, just be all assembly that what will finish a product by the robot. Normal >normal > about the influence: Normal >normal > as prospective factory automation, the machine will replace human worker stage by stage, will have a transition process that works secondhand from direct service tendercy. Once bureau be confined to is specific, artificial, the worker that duplicates the job, will not be competent more the research and development that hi-tech asks or administrative post. So inevitable conference appears temporarily unemployed crisis, of large quantities of personnel need skill groom the opportunity that will come true to get new post afresh. Normal >normal > at the same time, union position also will get adverse effect. Although height is professional mechanic and half major worker are safe to his obtain employment have hope more, can become management and professional staff member, but the growth of member of obtain employment area will naturally form fair massive trial to the development foreground of labour union. Normal >normal > turns intelligence into impossibly chemical plant at a draught same, the direct labor in traditional plant succeeds entirely at a draught in the future transition is indirect labour force also is impossible, this needs the transition of time. As a result of the difference of skill demand, although the part is not specialized worker to may be withheld, but future is immediate labour force is replaced by the machine, most person faces unemployment, the social effect that automation causes post prediction of a person's luck in a given year will be defied. Normal >normal > will be one more the society of technicalization, the value that the technology teachs appears more important. Can undertake strengthening education from two respects to this. It is pair of education in school youth on one hand, did not come in design, building, operation automatic chemical plant and respect of other processing technology, training enough youth is very important, to economic progress and welfare as much important. It is to what be washed out by new technology place the worker undertakes retraining on the other hand. Normal > however, retraining also can face a few difficulty. Above all, it is costly that the technology grooms, who comes show respect for? If the enterprise offers retraining to raise the worker's skill and educational level,be next, whether must the worker be hired by same employer, still whether undertake obtain employment to other place? Additional, the training of a lot of new technologies is necessary, but itself is in the teacher with these educated domains is very few, how the society is opposite undertaking grooming in the teacher in the technical domain of be on the wane at present, make they conversely capable to groom worker, make burgeoning technology field in efficient employee, from where will be the society gotten again at the same time contemporary groom will lab equipment finish groom? All these will be the challenges that prospective society needs be faced with. Normal > machine tool intelligence changes transition Normal >normal > regards the foundation of manufacturing industry as the industry, nowadays, also facing the demand that industrial transition upgrades and challenge, future also is raising precision, efficiency, automation, intelligence to change further, on the foundation of network, mix to treatment unit stage by stage most advanced and flexible production system transfers, final Xiang Zhi can change stride. Normal >normal > makes equipment according to machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation " science and technology weighs office of big special executive government " research, from respect of 6 old techniques, can promote the implementation that intelligence of prospective machine tool changes: Normal >normal > monitors the intelligence of status of machine tool job to change: Measure through MEMS temperature feeling implement monitoring bearing is lubricant state, prevent bearing agglomeration and undertake main shaft heats up displacement to amend; Measure through load displacement feeling implement detect the unusual load in treatment, monitoring bearing load concludes its life, avoid bearing loss. Normal >normal > monitors the intelligence that maintains position to change: The historical data that gathers status of machine tool job is based on this to cast life, and detect below working status life, the way to deal with a situation is taken before producing big trouble. Normal >normal > ensures the intelligence of security changes: Adopt form, in athletic process and undertake interfering checking when preparation works, avoid to produce collision. Normal >normal > realizes energy-saving intelligence to change: Through detecting the change of the quantity that cut bits, control cuts bits to handle the movement of device, achieve favorable energy-saving result. Normal >normal > changes: Detect the vibration in treatment, statement that issues evasive vibration, form the system of automatic and evasive vibration. Normal >normal > prepares to work changes: Solve treatment to cast component through self-poise device, forging when the abnormity material such as component, because its character is lopsided and the position changes, what machine in high speed circumgyrate is difficult. CNC Milling CNC Machining