Adopt the system with milling cutter inspiratory and drossy front

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Graph 1: Provide the ball head milling cutter that has inspiratory and drossy construction and bracket picture Japan of 2 drossy and inspiratory device rivers bend greatly company (Okuma) is in what 25 ~ kicked off 28 days in April 2007 " INTERMOLD 2007 " ) on Tokyo BigSight) , demonstrated to pass the aperture that sets front of milling cutter of park ball head to absorb drossy reclaiming system. Drossy fly on workpiece before coming loose, be reclaimed to won't injure cutting face consequently, still have additionally need not mighty power can reclaim drossy feature. Pass efficient drossy processing, minimum of hopeful stimulative MQL(is lubricant) gain ground with what do treatment partly, economic natural resources, reduce environmental negative charge, and improve working environment. The installation of ball head milling cutter that demonstrates to use has bit of a cutting (Chip) . Milling cutter interior forms available hole, front contains aperture. The position of aperture is in the cutting side a side of cutting razor blade. Can let the interior that ball head milling cutter enters instantly after drossy generation. Of ball head milling cutter empty contain stand, working with the setting besides equipment drossy absorb plant phase to join. The air that produces through attracting plant flows, will drossy suck reclaim. What demonstrate this is final treatment only wait drossy poorer condition, will discuss henceforth how to support rough machining. Drossy reclaim fundamental technology of the system by renown Gu Wu of industrial university in village grand teachs motion, project controller by in the village is held the position of, remove sb's name from the rolls graduate school of college of ancient house industry and outside rivering bend greatly, love knows manage of industry of metal of institute of prefectural industry technology, OSG, NTTOOL, Great Harmony, the East China Sea to change · of Ji Danyu environment to designed technical personnel office to also participate in a technology to develop. CNC Milling CNC Machining