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When the model of new-style 787 Dreamliner that mentions Boeing company, what can you think of? Be its extraordinary dimension size (197 feet ala big span, 186 feet length, 56 feet height) ? Still be its breathtaking cruise speed 0.

85 horses conspicuous? You can think of the likelihood only these august statistic data, but think of pump of motor of hydraulic pressure system, linear hydraulic pressure, circumgyrate and motor very hard however -- these not seeing but indispensable however system and assembly parts, just be to make a flight smooth the main reason that billows does not have Jing. Company of Triumph Actuations Systems, in the card austral the United States the city established Luolaina to cover an area of 130 thousand square 1989 foot factory, have stuff 230, main product line is linear hydraulic pressure is made move implement, electromagnetism a powerful person, hand uses system of hydraulic pressure a powerful person, hydraulic pressure, turn pump, electric machinery, alterable measure axial piston pump and motor with fixed platoon. The client of Triump pervades commerce and martial plane domain, include Boeing, empty guest, Geluman, Bell, United States Xikesiji (Po of Sikorsky) aircraft company, clique (Piper) private aircraft company. "When I join Triump company, " numerical control programmer / production engineer William Burke says: "We basically make pump of motor of hydraulic pressure system, linear hydraulic pressure, circumgyrate and motor. We bought product line of Er of Huo Ni Wei later, can produce completely more, different hydraulic pump and motor. This is brand-new job to us, the technology with need new study, enhance technical ability, increase personnel investment, mix in traditional drive system even new the balance is acquired between bought hydraulic pump and motor. " " go up century 90 time, our client 80% the left and right sides is commercial aircraft manufacturer, 20% come from martial domain, " he says: "And we the predecessor of this company held water 1942 when, original client is formed 80% come from a military affairs, 20% ability come from commercial aircraft domain. Now, our business is formed is 50% come from commerce, 50% come from martial domain. " the linear system of Triump company, in Boeing 737 and the other of Boeing fleet can look on a lot of type get, be in those who be used at rectification cover or aircraft engine passenger compartment to send for instance move implement on, use switch engine port. Be in these sending to move implement go up to still deserve to have memory of an a cylinder, hydraulic pressure and a piston, decide with extend and lock. In send move implement still deserve to have a bearing on an extreme, when such extend go out, this system can be in pivot on rotational. It is OK that Triump company also has a few similar systems switch hold door, those for instance tremendous C17 and C130 freight plane, carry cargo door is weighed again greatly again after. And of Triump send use a system, open easily, shut and the lock decides these heavy doors. Useful still at before of the landing gear after landing gear is mixed send use a system -- reducing, raise around landing gear while, switch around landing gear the door. After Triump company has built these systems, offer money to Boeing company, boeing can be in these systematic setup landing gear on assembly line. "Some components are for B-1 bomber design, " Burke says: "Company of Piper of we and aircraft manufacturer cooperates together, batch is produced relatively diminutive component. We still were the helicopter of Bell helicopter company to design a few systems, for instance V 22 osprey. Compare with other type photograph, the Triumph component that type of new-style 787 Dreamliner installs and system are more, for instance cover door is sent move implement, lock door is sent move implement, landing gear the system. " the United States is purchased " 10% what we produce manufacturing finished product to occupy whole in our factory, of the others all outside the other production company that includes the United States, " Burke says: "Our him company has nondestructive to detect (nondestructive checks) , the quality branch of high nicety, also have many test of course. We can check each to send move implement, pump and hydraulic pressure motor. We still did leak test, vibration checks, can inspect wear out condition, look to break material whether likely. Test category is very extensive. " " we and client cooperation are very close, in order to realize the producibility of the design (DFM) , " he continues to say: "According to client need, our design group is met make a design, examine this kind of producibility with critically eye together with the client next: Be effective to the design of pump or steep drive? Is what we use the most effective, the design of the richest cost effectiveness and flow? -- lean nearlier when us only, just find more better method, material likely, find best solution for the client, these are necessary standards. " " we are fixed examine and verify our supplier, see us whether the merchandise system that sends us the product of a certain specific supplier directly -- need not receiving inspection, " Burke says: "This asks they are complete traceable: The operation that all execution, use device, deviation and surface are bright and clean degree, use examine and any system of test and verify, craft change. " a lot of products that Burke explanation says to output are to undertake zincous oxidation or plating (chromium or nickel) . But, before sending these component, they also did many car, mill (vertical and horizontal) preparation works, come down from product line when component so when, it is almost finishing. Its Clemmons factory can finish internal diameter external diameter successfully (working procedure of ID /OD) grinding, and 2 class operate a few in-house honing, abrade etc. Grinding -- " the current part that we produce here, include to be used at hydraulic pump, bearing, the bearing journal, piston sleeve that matchs grinding and a few valve base are abrade, " Burke solves say in detail: "Deviation ± hundred 50, the surface is bright and clean spend 2~16 micron, it is common. Spend like such deviation, need microphone of number of the mount on outer diameter muller. And the internal diameter that allows to achieve energy is abrade the effect, also need electronic gage and air gauge. " Triumph company's abrade component, diametical limits 0.

125~4 inch, length limits 13~0.

250 inches. Can the biggest rotor of abrade treatment, 7 inches long. The partial section on can abrade rotor, cannot abrade and whole spare parts. Burke says: A lot of moment can be in on the operation effect of implementation much diameter, polyhedral. Burke says: "Diameter of our OK and abrade journal of the largest bearing is 3 inches, journal of bearing of the main body of OK and abrade rotor, rotor or clip hold a share. We are being ground annulus on the form that implementation wants and radius. Plunge into bearing along a certain specific angle grind annulus, at the same time abrade its shoulder and diameter, still can plunge into the spare parts with aleatoric angle grind annulus, it whole burnish. The manufacturing cycle of every spare parts is 2~5 about minute. Triump company won't do any high volume grinding. Below great majority circumstance, every batch has 24 only or 30 spare partses. A time that changes another part is 30~90 minute, the configuration of every spare parts is different. The component in a series, time of transhipment of through cargo is about the same only a few minutes. "The abrade spare parts of great majority, for instance rotor axis, can circle central place (fixed center or the mobile center that support an axis) will move. " Burke says: "Axis of our meeting drive does external diameter abrade, the outfit with special set places a component to locate, still can be in the collet in grinder clamp component undertakes abrade. Burke returns complement to say: In the circumgyrate pump of Triumph company and hydraulic pressure motor, installed a particularly long axis (axis of 7 inches of rotor) . These formed the hydraulic pressure system that serves to assist motive power unit. Await on aircraft parking area when you when, may hear sometimes " with a buzz buzz " sound rings in crural edge, the hydraulic pressure system that is Triumph then is working. Material -- " we are OK and abrade a variety of, large-scale material " , burke lifted value of 4340 steel, stainless steel, 515ph and the material such as 7075 aluminium to be exemple. "We make component take seriously quite to aluminium, because this did many aluminous capable person abrade. Still have the capable person of a kind of copper of the bronze, Toughmet 3 that be called, and the 4340 steel that have bigger wearability and tenacity. " " great majority time, we are the rotor with 4340 steeliness begins abrade. We have our interior to join circuit. The method is bronze outlet puts a Gao Qian into rotor, be in harmony is in interface to be together inside high temperature furnace, take out rotor from inside furnace next, the part that is together to be in harmony has machine treatment, show bronze outlet. These are area of regular meeting tatty. The piston moves in cylinder, resembling it seems that is revolving pistol, besides some bronze bolt returns on internal diameter -- it is to this means of settlement: Certain bronze wall ply is withheld in piston crock aperture, conduce to lubricant piston motion, with hydraulic pressure liquid together, advance the piston roll out. Old-style say with new-style and abrade Burke: "A lot of component already passed the treatment of lathe or milling machine. To hold clip, we will be abrade the external diameter of bearing journal and final measure, still meet when necessary a few more abrade internal diameter. We are newest the Studer S33 that buys from company of United Grinding Technologies, it is grinder of stage external diameter. Nevertheless we still have a Studer S20, internal diameter external diameter all but abrade. Such aluminous parts that we can complete machine treatment, the treatment outside turning instantly has the process such as zincous oxidation. When waiting for component to return abrade ministry, we can well the area that abrade external diameter already was oxidized by positive pole. To bearing treatment, must often so do. Next we can send component have hard coat. After aluminous positive pole oxidizes, try again aluminous layer, can adhere to firmly of this hard coating ongoing on the component that has ground. What normally we do the hardness of coating to be able to be more than the degree of need, next we again hard coating abrade the size to need, how much did before need not considering, coating withhold. "Before choosing Studer S33, we made many survey. What I admit this brand is famous degree chose it finally to me to have certain effect really, because S35 and S120 already were deployed before us. But we still did extensive research at that time, investigated the different type that a large number of different manufacturer produce. We chose Studer S33 finally, because it can satisfy us,specific, distinctive grinding machines demand. In view of the extensive experience that we accumulate on Studer S35, we can finish the grinding of the spare parts well with respect to OK and affirmatory Studer S33 at that time, and the application that likelihood of prospective Triumph company makes further. Latter is attached most importance to especially should -- purchase Studer S33, the old technique before can be being replaced partly not only, still can make Triumph company future uses more and different program, bring new opportunity. Additional, studer S33 can upgrade instantly for Studer S35. "Use older machine, we can process designing a component. Studer S33 allows us to write a program, them memory is in accuse on, still can upload and download our system. Operator wants v program only now, set is abrade limitation, press pushbutton, can move. Its setting is an user friendly model, the StuderWin software that is based on Windows is very powerful, use easily. I wrote all programs for Studer S33, our operator undertakes constructional abrade component. We make it moves smoothly together, build a big library. Be remanded when component when abrade branch, unless it is new part, otherwise we are met only abrade very short time can pass machine. " Studer S33 makes the workshop of Triumph company can have more new treatment, because switch rate is rapidder, burke complement says: "Installation can realize more and abrade function. We already got a lot of new treatment jobs. Because had S33, can change smoothly with other component, it is to carry out sometimes implement component, pump or electric machinery, it is piston lever sometimes. We are OK now abrade component whole, coping or other and departmental cent. " Burke says: "Everything goes well, I was purchased again other two machines, take two newest facility to here. We still prepare to move 4 again, among them one will be internal diameter grinder, I am considering to change with Studer series all old hands in the workshop use a machine. "The significance of we and company of United Grinding Technologies is immense, especially with Bob Beals, " the service engineer Ray Wyland that he still mentioned them and applied engineer Jim Lennon: "They always are reaction helps us quickly, in time. Their superior performance is to say to also do not say really. Additional, they still offerred very good proposal to grinding flywheel, make we saw a lot of different flywheel manufacturer, help us apply better. "In cooperative process, I was acquired should choose not only newest also should choose best technology -- only such ability hold competitive dominant position, " Burke says: "Outstanding partner conduces to get such technology. "Outstanding partner conduces to get such technology.. CNC Milling CNC Machining