Flight laser makes the action of sign chance and applied field

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Flight laser hits sign chance to be in today when the industrial equipment status now, not be outer packing of product of bureau be confined to only manufacturing date and lot number are reflected outside bag. And in the life actually a lot of things are a course, flight laser hits production of sign chance place to come out, for instance: Medicine health care tastes, the life kind food drink, nicotian, wine kind and electronic industry and child of industrialized, heavy industry: Car spare parts, technology product and dress fittings. And be being applied mediumly in biology pharmacy and housing materials also is to having extensive field, look as the extent direction of development, the development prospect that flight laser makes mark machine also is in enlarge horizon surely no longer these single fields develop, incline to will involve more aspect. The action that flight laser makes mark machine and involve a domain to be as follows: 1, the sculpture flight laser of photograph and picture hits sign chance to already hit sign chance to place on a par with former laser no longer, run region because of it no longer set imprints in onefold planar skin quarter character, move toward the picture that masses place wants and word development however. Static laser hits smooth machine to be able to undertake operating with static form only, be equal to can individual undertake operational the job. And flight laser makes mark machine is to apply motile principle to undertake operational, adopt vector to hit mark to undertake with movement of shift of cursor of one-way axis direction motile gush imprints the sculpture of the object runs the job. 2, drive is involved with ink jet printer located laser of limits operation flight makes mark machine from at the beginning market of single character style jumps out, the market that marchs to have distinctive vision and touch with ink jet printer then competes. It is the literal world market of even calm no longer, the graph article market that develops the visual perception that having peculiar effect and touch to feel apparent thereby. There is a change on aesthetic feeling not only, in practical also jump out original frame, the businessman that gave consumption the market was brought prevent character of the bogus, goods that prevent change. 3, the place application district that the phyletic norms that flight laser makes mark machine classifies   CO2 laser to hit sign chance place to differ is metalloid material, the type such as paper, leather, Yakeli, glass, plastic, carpentry. YAG laser hits sign chance place to cite district: Life instrument and electronic instrument, and still can have couplet net, and the scanning of the high speed picture that finish undertakes labelling carving then. The rate of changeover of velocity of light that semiconductor laser makes mark machine is very high, the light source that uses then is semiconductor model, functional sex of whole is strong belong to the product that avoids maintenance. Fiber-optic laser hits sign chance to 2 is plant model not, successive and fiber-optic laser and pulse are fiber-optic laser. Equipment is most advanced, volume is minor and rate is rapid, and quality of beam of light is good. 4, flight laser hits the laser with the industrial efficiency original sex of sign chance to make mark machine is a kind of simple minded model kind of body, can undertake to dormant object gush piles up quarter mark only, from this and waste is created on the sources of energy that will be being produced not only, and in the repetition that there also is seriousness on manufacturing staff condition works. And now model flight laser hits sign engine work to run the perspective that gave industrial efficiency to bring not only considerable sex, and there is economic functional quality on stream of people and time, the sources of energy. Undertake gush piles up the process of quarter mark thereby, the product in industry is appear with automation line depend on the flow on product line, then rises effectively in the efficiency in industrialized production, then to production run efficiency to increase effectively also. Develop as science and technology, flight laser hits sign chance to be in the already had countless attention power of the market. And its play label effect perfect and quality is good. Then, in the market acceptance is strong also. CNC Milling CNC Machining