Drilling machine of 3 axes numerical control transforms Romania

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Summary: The problem that in the light of the entrance drilling machine of 3 axes numerical control exists undertook numerical control system be transformed newlier, the effect is distinct. Keyword: Couplet box; Bore; The graph in numerical control system classifies date: TG659 document label piles up: B one, 3 number of axle accuse Romania of state of the machine tool before transforming drilling machine MGX - 3CNC is the equipment that the company imported from Romania 1994, system of its numerical control is system of Xi Menzi 840C, each axis drive introduces 611A series drive. After this equipment sets half an year into the factory, by me installation of company proper motion is debugged, used period of time brokenly, fail to be used well all the time, before undertaking transforming already out of service is close 1 year. This equipment is for the bore working procedure of product couplet box and those who introduce, because the 3 bore main shaft of this equipment cannot get used to workpiece to curve metabolic,change, because this cannot make sure couplet box solders,the deepness of groove asks, cannot normal put into production, need to try to transform. Think through the analysis the machinery of this machine tool and performance of hydraulic pressure system are whole, when transforming, need to choose advanced numerical control system only, add skill of process designing of PLC of measurement unit of main shaft bit, application. Such not only can maintain original machine tool all function, still can increase machine program computer to type a function, solve a machine tool to complete bore and treatment basin shaped the function such as the mouth. 2, the overall program that the machine tool transforms 1. Numerical control system configures 840C of Xi Menzi of system of former numerical control to already damaged, also type a function without the program at the same time. For this, transform used the system of FANUC-6ME of system of Japanese numerical control that is the same as class, hand that raises each axis to use a function, went to the lavatory handlers hand is moved look for workpiece appearance to develop a work. Axis of machine tool closed-loop control has X, P, Z, A, C; Open loop controls an axis to have Cl and Yl. Machine tool each shaft is the largest the journey: 25m of shift of door of X axis dragon; Main shaft of Y axis closed circuit is transverse span shift 690mm; Z axis (1# gets a shaft) fluctuation shift 450mm; A axis (2# gets a shaft) fluctuation shift 450mm; C axis (3# gets a shaft) fluctuation shift 450mm; The whirligig of dividing head of C1 axis chuck ° of 0 ° ~360; The fluctuation shift 2 000mm of beam of main shaft of Y 1 axis. 2. Belt of raw scrap iron of scrap conveyer belt discharges scrap directly inside tunnel, the condole since scrap is very disadvantageous, then the decision increases to go up again deferent catenary, convey scrap to be located in inside ground scrap box. 3. Drive of S1 of 3 bore main shaft, S2, S3 uses system of 3 bore main shaft driver of Xi Menzi 611A, electric machinery uses 1FT5 of electric machinery of servo of Xi Menzi communication, 3 get an axis to be able to be controlled respectively. 4. Increase transfer the place that chuck needs the upright ministry in couplet box pipe to make an appointment with 150~200mm according to production undertakes bore, original chuck is means of the card outside 4 claw. Be in however most contain on the main shaft head that approachs chuck detect device, can cause when the bore carrying a department in pipe chuck and detect device barge against. Then, the decision is adopted add outfit transfer a belt standard the means of the chuck inside 3 claw, happen in order to prevent this accident. 5. Bore main shaft is added outfit measure a system to part to head of main shaft of 1# , 2# , 3# add outfit England Leinishao the HPMA measurement unit of the company, measure a main shaft head to give cutting tool what to need compensatory numerical value and pass numerical control system to the distance that machines the surface, conversion directly, in order to control bore deepness. Measure software system to have memorial function, if handlers discovers this workpiece surface is relatively flat, after be being measured, can cancel to measure a movement, shorten handling time; Can measure again again when need, measure data to recognize newest value only every time. 6. The head of machines change to use phenomenal primary machine tool the main shaft intermediate that removes box of intermediate main shaft is to pass orgnaization of oil cylinder clamp to be held in the arms dead go up in feed rod. In real work, because workpiece counterforce often can make change of head of the main shaft intermediate is moved, cause the error of bore span. Because this increases mechanical and fixed fender,use an appearance in order to eliminate the change of head of the main shaft intermediate. 7. Increase the computer to type unit primary system to type a function without the computer, every time process designing can be inputted directly on screen only, revise rise very disadvantageous. Increase a computer to type device and relevant software now, can at any time parameter of online transmission machine and status of job of PLC of online indication machine tool, convenient maintenance and process designing are operated. 3, machine program is designed 1. Machine program uses main program nest to call subprogram plan. the machine tool each decompose behavioral function to design a subprogram, name respectively: (Definition of axis of X of shift of door of dragon of 1) machine tool is O8001; (Definition of axis of Y of shift of span of beam of 2) machine tool is O8002; (3) at the same time bore definition is 3 broach O8010; (Definition of bore of 4) single bit is O8101; (5) at the same time bore definition is two broach O8123; (6) measures functional definition to be O9001. 2. In main program O0001(O0002... ) in, the parameter that defines a subprogram is variable. 3. Design the flow chart of bore subprogram. 4. Machine tool condition is monitored with call the police machine tool condition is monitored with call the police include a machine tool to run each parameter to detect in real time, of the spacing of soft / hardware of feed axis, emergency stop button detect. Once discovery exceeds the hazardous condition such as Cheng,stop to the machine tool moves and call the police instantly. 4, the production that nearly 3 months pass after transforming the effect to change uses a proof, transform be a success. Transform charge this to make an appointment with 840 thousand yuan, however dish lived nearly 6 million yuan fixed assets, its economic benefits is very remarkable. CNC Milling CNC Machining