Industry of function of component of machine tool of our country numerical control grows urgently

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Tool carrier of library of numerical control system, knife and manipulator, numerical control and revolving stage, main shaft is unit (the main shaft that contain report) , ball guide screw deputy the main component that with scroll slideway deputy, high speed defends and the functional component such as numerical control cutting tool is numerical control machine tool, the function of these functional components already was become overall the payoff of function. Industry of machine tool tool " 15 " development program already labelled these functional components main development target. Since reforming and opening, from " 65 " arrive " 95 " , the country gave very large support to development of industry of machine tool tool, special give aid to the science and technology of numerical control machine tool tackles key problem with industrialization, level of the product structure of the industry, product had very big improvement and rise. Already drove the product of numerical control machine tool that issues a variety of class now, breed accumulative total makes an appointment with 1500 kinds or so. Numerical control machine tool already made the mainstream product of current machine tool industry. "95 " during numerical control machine tool produces per year a quantity to grow on average with the speed of 15% , grew 66 than 1999 2000 especially.

15% . "15 " earlier, gold of manufacturing numerical control cut a machine tool 2002 24803, than 2001 (18842) grow 31 compared to the same period.

6% . Key of association of machine tool tool contacts enterprise statistic data to show, among them gold cuts small industry to small industry of 16 the home, v has numerical control of 3 companies production value to change rate more than 50% ; Gold cuts small industry to small industry of 41 the home, v has numerical control of 8 companies production value to change rate already amounted to 25% ~ 30% . The crop of numerical control machine tool already amounted to company of group of Shenyang machine tool 2002 2004, company of group of one machine tool produced Jinan 2002 numerical control machine tool 1418. 2003, hopeful of industry of our country machine tool is broken through " 15 " the program arrives the end that crop of numerical control machine tool wanted to achieve 30 thousand 2005. The Japan of industrial developed country, numerical control machine tool occupied a machine tool to always order goods frontal proportion is 1998 93.

6% . Gold cut the India of the developing country 1999 numerical control of machine tool production value is changed rate already broke through 50% . From industry of domestic and international machine tool development looks, the prospect of domestic and international market of the functional component that is form a complete set of numerical control machine tool is very capacious. The change of producer type is ecbolic after new industry our country joins WTO, market of machine tool tool is farther internationalization, chinese-foreign joint venture and solely invested enterprise, state-owned company, civilian battalion enterprise contends for foreign enterprise, foreign capital more will intense. The market asks industry of machine tool tool can offer high grade and efficient product, have reasonable performance/price ratio, and date of delivery is short. For this, the manufacturing cycle of numerical control machine tool will be shorter and shorter, and product change is more and more frequent. Have expert prophecy, henceforth 5 ~ 10 years machine tool industry aims at more buy component to assemble a machine tool, throw on the market. Machine tool industry wants machine tool of numerical control of high grade and fast birth, in order to satisfy the requirement of the market, the functional component that is form a complete set of numerical control machine tool must preferential and rapid development. Current, the functional component such as component of scroll of unit of main shaft of nicety of system of advanced numerical control, high speed, high speed and tool carrier of numerical control motivation already made the important mark that measures level of numerical control machine tool. Their price also is to make numerical control machine tool overall the bases of the price, price of component of function of machine tool of cursory consideration numerical control already was occupied overall cost forms 70% the left and right sides. Current, the progress of functional component production of our country is slow, breed is little, industrialization rate is low, cannot satisfy market demand, must count an import. Because price of functional component entrance is high, cause numerical control machine tool overall the price rises ceaselessly, the numerical control machine tool that our country manufactures lost competitive dominant position almost. The market shows, the numerical control machine tool of coequal level, the price of Korea keeps balance with the price of our country almost, appear the functional part that this one phenomenon and manufacturer of our lead plane purchase place of numerical control machine tool to need from abroad in great quantities has very big concern. The expert of industry of tool of our country machine tool, scholar, entrepreneur already saw the tremendous progress prospect of functional component industry. A lot of enterprises already also aimed at this market, through recommending production of technology, collaboration or own development, preliminary formed major of component of a batch of functions to produce manufacturer. The knife library that is machining center form a complete set at present and the dynamical tool carrier that are the high level of turning center form a complete set basically still count an import. But delectable is the knife library that home has had manufacturer to be able to produce Gao Shuiping and dynamical tool carrier. The horizontal that north accuses machine tool company to use day of machine establishing spirit and production of old technique rivering bend and library of knife of vertical machining center; Factory of the first machine tool introduces factory of accessory of Yantai machine tool, Shenyang the dynamical tool carrier that technology of Italian Baruffaldi company produces. But these products did not form the ability to social form a complete set, should study seriously currently so how these products from can produce production of translate into batch, offer goods to the market. The development of machine tool of extremely incommensurate numerical control is the current situation the demand that gets used to home market logarithm to charge a machine tool, machine tool industry breeds one lot number to accuse a machine tool to produce base in succession, preliminary already look quantifies numerical control machine tool group by group, specialization manufacturing dimensions, on function develop to direction of high speed, compound, nicety, intelligence, environmental protection. But the numerical control machine tool of current country high level, high quality and machining center still cannot satisfy home market requirement completely, this and to it the functional part of the Gao Shuiping of form a complete set grows lag to concern. The company of functional component production of our country is average dimensions is lesser, layout is dispersive; Some still depend on up to now in leader plant or institute, had not pushed to the market, because this form does not become bibcock company. Some breed still do not have commodity to supply; The with world-famous manufacturer product on function of some functions component still has a few difference, a lot of articles have in these respects discuss in detail. Can produce the business of functional component, if do not straighten system, do not make the market big, do not raise current product level and overtake international as soon as possible advanced level, very will difficult live for a long time. A kind of product arrives successfully from development a few production, if do not form dimensions as soon as possible, do not fall to issue cost, occupational not the market, do not achieve give a brand. Do not have productivity of component of high level function rise considerably, will affect the rapid development of industry of our country machine tool badly. CNC Milling CNC Machining