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Challenge: How to satisfy aerospace industry the requirement of complex to treatment material? Solution: Choose orbit getting to cut, cut cost in order to improve manufacturing efficiency. Make in the plane in, aggrandizement of will advanced carbon fiber is plastic (CFRP) composite material and metal fold a layer (wait like CFRP titanium and CFRP aluminium) the case that union uses is increasing, this posed special challenge to bore treatment. On these material bore can cause aperture public errand, platoon bits, hot accumulation, lubricant the difficulty that waits for a respect, can produce flash, cutting tool to wear away, statified wait for a problem with CFRP burr. Orbit getting is cut using increasingly solve this kind of a lot of problem related to composite material, reduce manufacturing cost in order to improve manufacturing efficiency. Shanteweikekeleman is getting the firm of Novator AB of world leader Sweden that cuts a solution to cooperate cheek by jowl with aerospace industry course, develop all sorts of cutting tool solutions. The orbit jig type of Novator combines Shanteweikekeleman of tailor-made development establish milling cutter, offer complete solution for client application. Be aimed at aerospace industry, novator offers a series of portable orbit to get cut device and accessory. The profit that orbit getting cuts is to make complex auger cut and finish machining exercise uses a kind of cutting tool to be able to be finished only. Actually, orbit getting cuts treatment method is to let cutting cutting tool undertake axial and horizontal shift will machine bigger than cutting tool diameter mouth at the same time, the Kong Jia that can use a kind of cutting tool to implement a variety of measure so is versed in. All sorts of different designs of cutting tool of hard alloy milling satisfied orbit to get cut different function and application. Different cutting tool chamfer created program of optimal cutting tool for every application with coating. Because have air space, use the temperature that when smaller than bore cutting tool diameter can reduce treatment, produces. And low thrust makes the quality of aperture higher. Can use dry treatment or minimum to lubricate, it is very important that this folds a layer to CFRP titanium metal. Because do treatment need not liquid refrigerant, need not after the event is clean, consequently already environmental protection, promote the security of operator again, so not costly also. The amount cutting bits that orbit gets the generation that cut a way is little, discharge easily empty, reduced the risk of the surface that blow a flower thereby. Because can finish Kong Jia to be versed in, the job requirement with custom-built additional cutting tool is reduced considerably. This makes composition layer won't be built in the place of imports and exports of aperture, prolonged cutting tool life, improved craft security and manufacturing efficiency. Orbit getting cuts a law to be able to be used at the diameter to be the 3 aperture to 30 millimeter, main scope of application is 10 to 25 millimeter. Shanteweikekeleman is developed for specific client project and check solution establishing mill. When development establishs milling cutter, crucial is to make radial load falls to lowermost rate, bend in order to avoid cutting tool. The opening that with this method treatment gives has true measure, do not have burr or burr is very small, the quantity that cut bits is discharged less easily empty. Because prolonged cutting tool life, decrease to the need of different type cutting tool, consequently every aperture cost is able to reduce considerably. Cutting blade and surface have intermittence contact of the part only, in the sky added gas refrigeration to avoid overheat, prolonged cutting tool life thereby. Because a kind of cutting tool can finish Kong Jia to be versed in namely, and can milling is different the aperture of dimension, this makes cutting tool inventory is able to decrease considerably. Because the operation can be finished namely,assemble, total production time often can shorten significantly. Some are newest the plane uses the CFRP of more than 50% , because this need has the technology of cost effectiveness and security,will satisfy the requirement of material of this kind of difficult treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining