The robot is flexible Laser Cutting solution

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The robot is flexible Laser Cutting is becoming increasingly general in the application of automobile industry, what the development of this and laser technology and robot nicety contrail control a technology is perfect having inseparable connection. Because the robot is flexible,Laser Cutting can offer Gao Rou sex solution, and cost imports 5 axes machine tool relatively a lot of lower, so car manufacturer begins to try now and progressively batch is bought use. The robot is flexible the means of Laser Cutting is varied, already can platform of cut of make it odd robot, can combine again flexible treatment product line. Involved work basically is the component of two kinds of different types: One kind is a metal delay formation 3D bodywork through squash or be being pulled structural member and enclothe, include heat to shape etc; is structural member of metal tubal account additionally one kind, include bridge of vent-pipe, across to wait. Enclothing a traditional producer pattern is to carry mould punch, undertake punching model and the heat of working procedure; such as the model that cut a margin shape again next with pipe fitting through costly 5 axes Laser Cutting the machine tool is finished. because of high facility cost, the car firm that has certain and joint-stock brand only so ability is capable to purchase an import 5 axes machine tool. Below new condition, the demand of the person that the car is used is becoming diversification and individuation, emerge in large numbers of increasing new model. Major car appears the posture with progressively contractible batch, because car manufacturer cannot be forecasted and assure to will come partly,the sales volume of some model is mixed stable crop, the robot laser that begins to try low cost so is flexible cut equipment or product line. This kind of trend begins from market of car spare parts, ceaselessly to the project mechanical, passenger car, agricultural the domain such as car, electric car is extended and gain ground. The industry of automobile of Laser Cutting robot that applies to automobile industry used robot of a lot of industry, but the application in Laser Cutting domain is very few however, problem consist in 3 levels. It is application of automobile industry robot main concentration asks in precision solder of low spot welding, arc, spray, carry etc, but Laser Cutting often asks very tall position precision, and have very high demand to the small contrail precision such as roundlet, for instance the diameter is in the cut of the roundlet aperture of 5mm less than, common robot too far behind to catch up with, the roundlet that cuts 10mm also can appear the appearance; such as ellipse depends on on the other hand the efficiency of the robot, speed of each control of axial joint sport compare general robot slow, at the same time robot arm weight passes not to suit; of high speed motion greatly the tigidity that tripartite face is a robot, the robot of rigid difference shakes fierce, robot tracking sex is poor, and the robot is out of shape fierce, cannot accurate the accurate place that cut needs in achieving workpiece digital-to-analogue. Accordingly, the robot of popularity of traditional automobile industry is oppugned by the client in Laser Cutting respect also is understandable. The Shi Tao that having experience of hundred years accurate machinery and control of high speed sport compares Er company, design field is the widest is automobile industry, be aimed at automobile industry demand, shitaobier carries out RX160L to install robot of structure of means dragon door in laser respect flexible cut system solution, this system had a breakthrough from the following respects: 1.

Face of wide cut of large size robot. Use RX160L robot, 2.

Of 05m spherical work area, cut mesa width can achieve 3m, exceed the workbench width of costly 5 axes machine tool, dimension of average car component packs robot work area in RX160L inside, a little great work also can pass floating platform to come true. 2.

Arm weight is light, tigidity is good. Shitaobier uses whole to cast structure tubal account to maintain rigid; material to choose be out of shape lesser but the aviation casting with light weight is aluminous. Weight of RX160L robot arm has 250kg only, and the robot that Europe is identical arm should exceed 400kg, do not suit a robot very much flexible the demand of Laser Cutting. 3.

The mechanical precision difference of the robot. Precision of machine man-machine instrument besides rigid difference, the most significant difference depends on the error of mechanical drive, and the error of mechanical drive basically is reflected go up in reducer. The decelerate system of general robot is very huge, and it is to use common reducer structure, gear gap is big, cannot satisfy a robot flexible Laser Cutting is in the demand of automobile industry. And the JCS of system of distinctive and patent decelerate that Shitaobier uses, the experience technology that gets on more than 100 years in accurate machinery uses the firm successfully on the robot. This is why the account that Shitaobierbier can get the client is approbated on alveolus cut. Transplant technology of 5 axes machine tool successfully to leave line process designing to the robot technology and making tool fixture automatically is machine tool industry one of crucial technologies that get popularizing, these technologies apply in the development of robot domain and success, make a robot flexible Laser Cutting solution and automobile industry application are not had seam a link. Pattern of traditional robot process designing is online teach programming, take time is arduous, especially the car is enclothed or pipe fitting, those who need cut is complex space curve, show religion cannot achieve design requirement. Robot Laser Cutting makes from the application of software of line process designing process designing time shortens greatly, and do not affect online treatment. Shitaobier uses ROBOTMASTER software to undertake STAUBLI RX160L robot leaves line process designing. ROBOTMASTER robot is OK from line software fictitious and real cut environment, include head of tool of robot, Laser Cutting, workpiece and fixture. Software can be installed quickly and optimize attitude of optimal robot cut, if the system appears to interfere or exceed range, software is met intelligent clew. The robot can lose contact with reality completely from line process designing robot, production and process designing each other are not delayed, the oldest rate improves manufacturing efficiency. Return the tool clamping apparatus of OK and automatic vivid nicety through leaving line software. British PEPS leaves line software is to be the robot Laser Cutting of the robot STAUBLI custom-built development with the nicest whole world technically to leave software of line process designing. It can be offerred create program of tool clamping apparatus automatically, the user is OK three-dimensional digital-to-analogue will choose tool clamping apparatus and can undertake fine tuning according to workpiece. The plank that the system after designing appropriate fixture wants clamping apparatus place automatically is reasonable decorate go up in a flat, through the robot OK and immediate cut gives the panel that clamping apparatus place needs, go all out finally put on appropriate tool clamping apparatus. Cut efficiency is decided by plan and experience a lot of compositive business choose the common robot that does not suit Laser Cutting, efficiency is low and the effect is poor, affected automobile industry user to be opposite the acknowledge of this domain, denied robot plan. Shitaobier thinks, outstanding compositive chamber of commerce chooses the robot of high accuracy and its conformity arrives in rigid construction of system, the user product with different basis by basic model evolution becomes different robot flexible cut plan, can use undertake assorted between stand-alone, double machine or amount of stage of much chance peace. Compositive ability discretion decides compositive business final cut effect and efficiency. The laser that German JENOPTIK is Shitaobier uses compositive trade, use history contented head of custom-built and the TX90Laser Cutting special robot of more custom-built than Er development, light-duty cut and particular BIM(Beam-In-Motion) technology. The precision of alveolus fixed position of this equipment can achieve ± 50 μ M, linear speed > 12m/min. If product yield is higher, JENOPTIK company can supply double machine equipment solution of much perhaps robot. This locality compositive business also is rising the Laser Cutting system with stronger actual strength of a few technologies to know and increase compositive capacity ceaselessly to robot Laser Cutting ceaselessly. Shenzhen is big a group of things with common features the robot product that Shitaobier chose in the solution of robot Laser Cutting that laser applies in automobile industry, this system includes platform of two mobile works, the robot is between the workpiece on two platform switch, the floating platform that is not the job is rolled out will undertake going up expecting. The client of this system is manufactory of a passenger car, controller of car plant equipment is very satisfactory to this, not only cut effect is good, and efficiency is tall, duplex operation the time that platform won't expect on waste, at present this client has bought nearly 10 Shi Tao to compare Er robot equipment. And they plan to redesign line of a punch, with the robot flexible product line will replace line of punch of a mould, the stock move in including a course also is to pass a robot to finish, the robot dosage of this line may be as high as a few. Use robot saved cost not only, and raise automation level, whole process does not need artificial interpose. All sorts of car plants of home want preliminary accept a robot flexible Laser Cutting means still needs proper time, compositive business need raises a robot further compositive ability, raise systematic precision and rate, especially systematic safety, stability, make automobile industry user progressively begin batch to use a robot flexible Laser Cutting solution. Author: Shitaobier CNC Milling CNC Machining