Take those who measure a head oneself inside groove knife

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The diameter of groove connects inside callipers of commonly used bedspring to measure inside. When measuring, contract bedspring inside callipers first, put inside groove, measure piece inside groove diameter, take out inside callipers systole next, restore original measure, reoccupy vernier calipers measures an inside callipers to open a space, namely inside the diameter of groove. Use this kind of method to measure child when must exit treatment tool, and did not reach blueprint size when dimension when, should be opposite afresh knife, treatment, repeat afore-mentioned measurement next process. The efficiency when this kind of method is measured is inferior, for this, we were designed take oneself measure knife of the groove inside the head, can simplify measure a process, improve manufacturing efficiency, special in batch production more show its advantage. Structure of 1 cutting tool knife of the groove inside this comprises by 7 spare partses in all: The Zun Duan of 1 is arbor cylindrical, right end is square body, knife head 3 with bolt 2 secure the square aperture in arbor inside, lever 5 use sell 6 installation to be inside arbor long chamfer, with selling Kong Weizhong heart semmetry is installed on lever measure a head 4 with 7. So that inside the side of aperture diameter measures what be apart from outside translate into to measure. Graph 1 graph 22 jobs principle surveys a plan to the knife show 1 times, will inside blade of groove knife cutting and await contact of treatment aperture wall, measure a head 4 also contact with wall, measure piece measure a head 7 be apart from A1 with arbor wall, in remembering at the same time, procrastinate board dial scale. Treatment is measured in using, procrastinate board dial is thick calm inside shift is apart from groove knife radial, jockey but do not retreat a knife, batch move lever to make measure a head 4 with bottom land the contact is measured piece measure a head 7 be apart from A2 with arbor wall, if pursue,2 are shown. The difference of diameter of the groove inside computational result and diameter of primary bottom outlet is equal to the difference of A1 and A2. On lever of 3 a few specification, the two screw that measure a head in order to sell aperture semmetry; Sell aperture and annul for clearance fit; Mid large department and chamfer are wide for clearance fit. The two length that measure a head are identical, top is bulbiform, can use internal diameter dial gauge change measure a head. Blade of knife head cutting is with the axes that measure a head inside same plane, and underside of square head of this plane and arbor is parallel; Face of inside of arbor square head and underside are perpendicular, and inside face and arbor axes parallel. When the knife installs the groove inside this to go up in tool carrier, cutting blade and plane of the axes that measure a head should pass workpiece axes. This cutting tool machines inside groove can achieve blueprint requirement, not tall to requirement of machine tool precision, and in procrastinate board guide screw and nut clearance won't affect dimension A1 and A2. CNC Milling CNC Machining