Exceed grinding machine of tool of NC of feed of high speed delay

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The place of loose solder of Japanese company limited that make produced a kind to exceed grinding machine of tool of NC of feed of high speed delay (G, 40) , it can be automatic the point of a knife that grinding establishs milling cutter. Establish photograph of grinding machine of milling cutter tool to compare with what operate by hand, its produce efficiency to raise 3 times above, the price is 8 million yen. This tool grinding machine used the program that redundant motion does not have when grinding, shortened thereby exercise is periodic, because be NC is versed in automatically,have grinding machine, even if is abecedarian undertakes easily also operating. One person but operand stage machine tool; Emery wheel axis and electric machinery (2.

2kW is water-cooled) for an organic whole, reduced electric machinery negative charge, enhanced machine tool horse power, rose to machine precision and grinding speed thereby; Length of treatment blade ministry achieves 200mm, treatment diameter is 5 ~ 50mm, angle of treatment point of a knife is 1 ° ~ 45 ° ; Can process new product already, also can repair grind a product, apply to high-speed steel to establish the grinding of milling cutter already, also agree with the grinding that hard alloy establishs milling cutter. CNC Milling CNC Machining