Moldflow makes the application in the process in the car

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Car / autocycle industry is the market with the biggest mould, in industrial developed country, this one market occupies the half left and right sides of whole pattern market. As the forward progress of auto industry, car model rise with each passing day to the requirement of the mould, traditional pattern designs a method to already cannot suit to the product changes and raise the requirement of quality. CAE technology already made the most effective auxiliary tool of these weak point in design of plastic product development, mould and product treatment now. The professional software Moldflow of the skill of CAE of the figuration that note model that the article showed American Moldflow company for us develops medium applied example in car product. The car is used plastic apply more and more extensively, for instance, bumper, dashboard, gasoline tank, steering wheel large and medium-sized plastic pattern. Arrive according to forecasting 2005, the car is used plastic goods can satisfy quantity of total demand only 50% the left and right sides. Design photograph comparing with traditional pattern, the computer assists a project (CAE) no matter the technology is improving productivity, assure product quality, still reducing cost, reduce the respect such as labor intensity, have incomparable advantage. American Moldflow company is the advisory company that major pursues noting software of technology of model figuration CAE, analyse the author of software as plastic figuration, since issueing the first flow to analyse software 1976 oneself, moldflow company all the time dominant is worn market of software of technology of plastic figuration CAE. In last few years, got applied extensively in the domain such as communication of car, home appliance, electron, chemical industry, commodity. The action CAE technology of CAE technology is to be before mould treatment, undertake to process of the whole figuration that note model through the computer imitate is analysed. CAE technology can the fill of accurate dope fuse-element, protect pressure, cooling circumstance, the stress in goods distributings, element and fiber orientaton distributing, and the circumstance such as the systole of goods and warpage, so that the architect can discover a problem as early as possible, revise in time make a design with the mould, is not when after trying a model again repair mould. This is breakthrough that devises a method to traditional pattern not only, and discard as useless to decreasing to avoid mould repair even, improve product quality, reduce cost to wait, having major technical shake-up and economic sense. Accordingly, the inevitable trend that plastic mould designs not only should use CAD technology, and use CAE technology even. The figuration that note model divides a level, namely: Development / design phase (include design of products plan, mould, mould to make) with stage of production (include to buy material, try model, figuration) . Because design personnel to design a pattern by experience and intuition,the traditional method that note model is giving birth to antenatal formally, the mould is assembled after ending, normally need tries a model a few times. When discovering a problem, need to set craft parameter afresh not only, still need to modify plastic products and mould design even. This certainly will raises manufacturing cost, lengthen product development cycle. CAE technology offerred the complete solution that devises production from goods, before the mould is made, forecast plastic fuse-element to be in model the whole figuration process in antrum, the help grinds sentence potential problem, prevent problem happening effectively, shortened greatly development cycle, reduce manufacturing cost. Use CAE technology, can try modular measure completely elliptically. The application of CAE technology in recent years, CAE technology is noting the importance in model figuration domain to increase increasingly, use CAE technology to be able to solve the problem that appears in process of the figuration that note model in the round. CAE analysis technology applies successfully at 3 groups of different production processes: The product design, mould design, figuration that note model. - composer of product design products can solve following problem with analysis of going from place to place: (Is 1) product overall flood? This one old issue still designs personnel place to fix eyes on for a lot of goods, especially large make an architect that waits like cap, container, furniture. (Is 2) made actual is the least wall large how much be? If can use Bao Bi to make, can reduce greatly make cost of material. Reduce a wall thick still can reduce greatly make cycle time, improve manufacturing efficiency thereby, drop model cost. (Is 3) runner place proper? Use CAE analysis to be able to make products plan person the room that has place of sufficient choice runner when the design, ensure the aesthetic character of the design. - mould design and production CAE analysis can be in the following all respect subdesign person with maker, with period get good mould is designed. (1) fills up goodly form: One-way filling up is a kind of good way that note model, it can increase model in-house element is one-way the orientaton sex with stability. Form of this kind of fill conduces to the warpage that avoids to be brought about because of different molecular orientaton place. (Position of 2) optimal runner and runner amount: The choice program that CAE analysis can offer a variety of runner seats for the architect is affected to its make an assessment. (Of system of 3) flow path optimize a design: Pass analysis of going from place to place, can help an architect design the flow path system that pressure balance, temperature is balanced or pressure, temperature all balances, rate and attrition heat still can be cut to undertake assessment inside convection path, such, the degradation that can shun stuff and model the exorbitant fuse-element temperature inside antrum. (Of 4) cooling system optimize a design: Use the influence of the process through analysing cooling system convection, optimize the layout of cooling pipe road and working requirement, thereby refrigerative even, shorten from this figuration is periodic, reduce the internal stress after product figuration. (5) reduces anti-revisionist cost: The one big advantage that raising a mould to try the possibility with successful model is CAE analysis. - the help that the person that the figuration that note model notes model is expected to making a cost, quality and machinability respect get CAE technology. (1) is more broad more stable treatment: "Abundant is spent " flow analyses pair of fuse-element temperature, mould temperature and inject speed to wait for parameter of the main treatment that note model to raise trend of a target, pass analysis of going from place to place, the person that note model but the true value that assess machines parameter individually, decide its are fluctuant limits. Jointly with mould architect together, they can be united in wedlock use most treatment facilities of economy, plan of set first-rate mould. (2) reduces model stress and warp: The treatment parameter with best choice makes model leftover stress is the least. (3) province expects and reduce excessive to charge a pattern: Flow path and model the design of antrum uses balance flow, conduce to decrease the use of material and the warpage that because place of local excessive inject is caused,eliminate. (The flow path size with the smallest 4) and time with makings cost: Analysis of going from place to place conduces to dimension of flow path of first-rate of make choice of, in order to reduce the cooling time with runner plastic part, shortened thereby the time of whole inject figuration, decreased to become reclaim expect or the bulk with the runner plastic part of flotsam. The applied example of Moldflow of Nextpage professional software - the car is ventilated act the role of a cover to use gas to assist inject figuration, the requirement decides the position of mouth of runner, gas and amount truly, the penetrable circumstance in forecasting gas to in gas reachs craft parameter. (1) builds a model Moldflow reads in CAD model directly through graphical interface. If the graph is shown 1 times,the model reachs gating system, initiative design uses gating system runner of a side and position of two gas opening. (Pressure of the biggest inject is condition of 2) input craft 55MPa, aeriform inject pressure is 20MPa, the model is lukewarm 50 ℃ , fuse-element temperature is 230 ℃ , defer time is 2.

5s, the equivalent diameter of spirit way is 9.

6mm, cooling time 22s. (3) analysis computation pursues the 2 peaks before flowing for fuse-element push a plan, from which we can see fuse-element flow case dynamicly, also can pursue through this isopleth will judge flow even. Graph 3 for 4.

The plastic watch cortex when 27s compares distributinging figure, right now model antrum has not been been full of, gas begins infuse, gas penetrates equably along reinforcement (distributing) . Graph 4 for 4.

The plastic watch cortex when 91s compares distributinging figure, right now model antrum already was full of, begin to protect pressure, dwell pressure is aeriform pressure. Graph 5 for 14.

The plastic watch cortex when 42s compares distributinging figure, protect right now approach an end, gas stops infuse, penetrable rate is gas 3.

83% . Graph 6 for pressure curve change pursues, the pressure change case that according to should pursueing knowable nozzle, angry the mouth handles. Pass the analysis of Moldflow, can decide reasonable runner and gas opening position truly, the penetrable condition that forecasts aeriform edge reinforcement and aeriform pressure, force that lock up a model. - car apparatus dial to large mould, flow, protect pressure, the each respect parameter such as refrigeration all needs to be controlled strictly, otherwise, have a bit inadvertent, appear likely model antrum fill disequilibrium, refrigeration is inhomogenous, be out of shape reach leftover stress to wait for blemish greatly. Use a process through convection, cooling process and defend the imitate analysis that controls a process, will optimize screw rate - positional curve, maintain buckling line and cooling system, undertake analytic computation to warpage. Use Moldflow to enrage complementary figuration to analyse a technology, the setting of condition of the design that optimized spirit way, craft, quality that assured a product, shortened development cycle. CNC Milling CNC Machining