Technology of drill rod solder produces medium application in diamond tool

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1. The offers diamond tall hardness that technology of drill rod solder uses an issue in diamond tool and function of admirable physics machinery make diamond tool becomes treatment the effective tool with all sorts of hard indispensable data. Carcass metal base the caking property to diamond (the bag of carcass sets ability) one of main factors that are service life of influence diamond tool and function. Because very tall interface is had between diamond and general metal and alloy can, cause diamond grain to cannot be soak of place of alloy of general low melting point, caking property extreme difference, in traditional production technique, diamond grain relies on carcass only cold the mechanical clip of the generation after shrinking holds force to enchase at carcass in metallic radical, and did not form firm chemical bond knot or metallurgy union, bring about diamond grain easy in the job with carcass metallic radical departs, reduced the life of diamond tool and performance level greatly. The utilization rate that major pregnant sets the diamond in type tool is inferior, a large number of costly diamond fall off in the job prediction of a person's luck in a given year at abandoning bits in. Lin Zengdong take the lead in using technology of diamond surface metallization to gift diamond surface a lot of new character, if admirable heat conduction is conductivity, hot stability is good, improve its original put in order to turn performance, raise its to wait to the wellability of metal or alloy solution. Problem of diamond surface metallization is in on 70 time caused the century to take seriously of production bound of tool of domestic and international diamond highly. Many people devote oneself to to realize the research of diamond surface metallization in agglomeration process, be added in carcass material or stick beforehand in diamond surface on strong carbide metal is pulverous (before this kind of diamond was not heating, did not produce chemical reaction with film, can belong to diamond to include the clothes only) , with expectation they realize the chemical bond union to diamond in agglomeration process. Although document already proved a few metals for example tungsten (was not oxidized) fall in inferior temperature (800 ℃ are controlled) can form WC layer in diamond surface, but from implementation diamond surface beforehand in light of the technology that metallization place uses, need to be below vacuum condition, the adhesion that 600 ℃ above heats 1 hour to just can get ideal. In light of the agglomeration requirement that sets diamond cutting tool with current and commonly used pregnant, do not exceed 900 ℃ to heat 5 minutes or so in be not vacuum or low vacuum, make diamond surface generates metallization unlikely. Because no matter active metal is atomic (Ti, V, Cr) to diamond surface rich collect or interfacial reaction achieve bond and diamond metallurgy union is atomic diffuse process, use temperature and so short time according to hot pressing place inside, this process is extremely inadequate. Fall in condition of solid photograph agglomeration (have a few low strength sometimes the metal of low melting point or alloy fluid photograph) , carcass writtens guarantee to the chemical bond of diamond or metallurgy adhesion is very weak or can form far from. Diamond surface beforehand metallization is not ultimate goal, is one of measure that expectation and metallurgy of chemistry of carcass metal implementation combine only. The diamond after plating Fu is become in agglomeration curium (auger) after tine, its break off the diamond that go out was exposed to all lose film on the face, and fell off the rudimental hole surface of diamond is very slick, this kind of phenomenon explained diamond and carcass still fail to reach the level that chemical bag sets it seems that. Consequently although achieved the appearance of diamond beforehand metallization, method of traditional agglomeration of metallurgy of solid photograph powder realizes the firm union between diamond and carcass material impossibly also. Last centuries 80 time end, people begins to explore technology of drill rod solder to be used at diamond tool to make. Use in Fu of diamond surface plating certain transfer a group of things with common features element (wait like Ti, Cr, W) , produce chemical reaction to form carbide in the surface with its. Carry the action of this carbide, diamond, bond, matrix 3 person can realize firm chemical metallurgy union through drill rod solder, realize true diamond surface metallization thereby, this is the principle of solder of diamond drill rod. Can see from inside the patent that already published and article, this technology can make diamond the biggest the 2/3 that value giving blade obtains a means, tool life raises 3 times above, and this value is not worth 1/3 below convention, when allowing to give blade to be worth usable edge exercise to amount to stability to give blade to be worth, will get. So, use technology of drill rod solder to be expected to realize carcass metal (drill rod expects) with material of the mother's body, the firm union between diamond and steel matrix. 2. The research current situation of tool of diamond of drill rod solder is current, legal system of the solder that use drill rod makes diamond (or cubic nitrogen changes boron) the tool already began to make heat technology, but only tool of monolayer of bureau be confined to, to multilayer implementation " pregnant is set " have not see achievement is published. Technology of drill rod solder studies only then at 20 centuries 80 time later period, but because the job is complex,still stay in experimental phase up to now, its apply also only tool of monolayer of bureau be confined to; Technology of solder of high temperature drill rod considers to start later, compare with developed country photograph, the range of research and deepness are far insufficient, progress is very at present consequently slow, but join WTO as our country, the pace of research is quickened gradually necessarily. (1) the A K Chattopadhyay of research state Switzerland of tool of diamond of solder of drill rod of foreign high temperature with law of blaze gush plating (oxygen, acetylene welding gun) alloy of drill rod makings (72%Ni, 14.

4%Cr, 3.

5%Fe, 3.

5%Si, 3.

35%B, 0.

5%O2) plating go up at tool steel matrix, and diamond (do not include the clothes) cloth is discharged go up at solder level, issue solder of inductive drill rod in protection of gas of 1080 ℃ , argon next 30 seconds will realize diamond and steel matrix union. Drill rod expects the Cr in alloy regards a kind of strong carbide as the element, the exterior metallization of diamond comes true to diamond surface rich collect in process of drill rod solder. The Wiand method that introduces on American patent is: Solder (Ni-Cr) metal pink adds organic binder to make paint of drill rod solder, stick the diamond that include the clothes on tool steel matrix, besmear next lacquer of the solder that add drill steel, heat again the temperature of a moderate and heat preservation is certain time pledges with eliminating volatile. In vacuum furnace (vacuum is spent 1.

333 × 10-2Pa) or dry type heats to be controlled to 1100 ℃ in hydric furnace, heat preservation 1 hour, drill rod solder while the exterior metallization of the diamond that finish. Makings of Ni-Cr alloy drill steel was used to realize drill rod solder as much in a few patent, element of Fe, B or Si, Mo still includes to wait in drill rod makings. For example, in document [14] in use the material of Ni-Cr alloy drill steel that contains Si or Si and Ti to realize drill rod solder in vacuum furnace, temperature of drill rod solder is 1126 ~ 1176 ℃ ; Document [15] use Cu radical to contain W, Fe, Cr, B, Si to wait for emery wheel of diamond of solder of drill rod of drill rod makings; Document [16] with Ag-Mn-Zr stuff of silver radical drill rod comes tool of diamond of drill rod solder, replace thereby eletroplate tool. Used the band that drill rod of nickel radical active expects and stuff of nickel radical drill rod realizes diamond and matrix German A Trenker respectively in process of drill rod solder. By with eletroplate the comparative figure of the tool can see, more aureate than report firm manson provides the performance of tool of diamond of solder of high temperature drill rod exceedingly good much, drill rod solderer is provided (diamond of makings of use active drill rod and PDA989, PDA665) initiative grinding function is to eletroplate tool (makings of nickel radical drill rod and PDA665 diamond) 3.

5 times above, life is to eletroplate the 3 times above of the tool; Because drill rod solderer has the larger space that hold bit, bead of King Kong stone mill has bigger free cutting side and grind the space between bead more, make cut bits to be eliminated very easily, the grinding performance of tool of diamond of drill rod solder is so good. (2) the 4th Military Medical University and Xi'an traffic university are in the research state of tool of diamond of solder of drill rod of domestic high temperature on the foundation that diamond of solder of domestic and international drill rod studies, use vacuum heat (vacuum is spent for 0.

2Pa) inside the method of solder of high temperature drill rod, it is drill rod makings with NiCr13P9 alloy, match with a few Cr pink, in high temperature (950 ℃ ) pressurization (4.

9MPa) drill rod solder undertakes below the condition, realized the firm union between diamond and steel matrix thereby. Drill rod makings distributings equably surface of Yu Sha annulus, diamond already by solder of firm drill rod, surface of feeling emery wheel feels quite keen and coarse. Drill rod makings distributings between bead of King Kong stone mill even, diamond gives blade height tall. Its durability relatively eletroplate emery wheel had rise apparently, working hind is only a few diamond fall off. The Xiao Bing of Nanjing aerospace university method that uses solder of drill rod of high frequency induction, make intermediate layer material jointly with Ag-Cu alloy and Cr pink, in solder of drill rod of the induction in air 35 seconds, temperature of drill rod solder 780 ℃ , realized the firm union between diamond and steel matrix. Yao Zhengjun use the method that enrages solder of drill rod of the induction in protecting furnace in Ar, do drill rod to expect with Ni-Cr alloy powder, solder of vacuum induction drill rod 30 seconds, temperature of drill rod solder 1050 ℃ , realized the firm link of diamond and steel matrix. Use scanning report lens and X ray can chart appearance, combine analysis of structure of X ray diffraction, discovery forms rich Cr layer in interface of diamond of element of the Cr in process of drill rod solder and with the C element of diamond surface reaction generates Cr3C2 and Cr7C3, this is the main factor that realizes alloy layer and diamond to have taller union strength. Grinding experiment is used cut feed of deep, delay, heavy load to undertake greatly, from the point of the exterior form appearance after emery wheel grinding, fall off without diamond is whole, stone mill bead belongs to King Kong to wear away normally, demonstrative diamond has taller domination intensity, agree with efficient grinding treatment. Company of Taiwan China emery wheel (KNIK.

Inc) roll out monolayer all a string of beads of solder of drill rod of cloth diamond high temperature, below the requirement that does not lower its life, diamond dosage decreases 50% , cut rate rises 2 times. The author is in task group to be on the foundation that studies domestic and internationally, employ Ni82CrBSi alloy piece makings of state drill steel, diamond discharges cloth to expect in drill rod equably piece on, drill rod solder comes true in sintering furnace of low vacuum hot pressing, had preliminary research to tool of diamond of drill rod solder, and explore how drill rod solder this one technology is used at pregnant to set a tool in. From optimize diamond the dynamic parameter such as span of the static structure parameter such as granuality of the means discharging cloth in carcass, diamond, chroma and effective diamond amount, diamond sets out, implementation monolayer diamond is in the orderly platoon cloth of transverse plane, repass folds a law to be in fore-and-aft show cloth of strewn at random platoon, the diamond in realizing working layer has successive job capacity. To examine carcass sets ability to the bag of diamond, make a watch set diamond bit especially, have edge test 5 times, measure its are the most greatly give blade value on average. The test that passes diamond of pair of tool of monolayer of drill rod solder to give blade height (diamond looks for 45/50) , discovered its are the biggest value giving blade can achieve 70% above, can see, technology of drill rod solder can make the combinative strength of diamond and carcass rises greatly. To diamond bit (φ 63mm) the result that undertakes the ferroconcrete is gotten into imitate experiment makes clear, broach is getting tine to wear away still can continue to work when close 2mm, from theoretic tell already two diamond shared the work, this says palpability can come true it seems that " pregnant is set " , specific applied technology still is in further research. 3. The problem diamond that technology of drill rod solder exists in diamond tool application puts the difficult point that is in a lot of urgent need that solve when drill rod solder: ① asks drill rod expects pair of diamond and carcass have good wellability and combinative strength; The choice of material of solder of ② drill rod and craft of drill rod solder should assure the stability of diamond, be opposite with decrease or avoiding drill rod to expect of diamond erode; ③ because the difference of hot coefficient of expansion of diamond and metallic matrix is bigger, solder consequently leftover stress is greater also, reduce the intensity of contact; The melting point that ④ drill rod expects wants the working temperature of tool of prep above diamond, should search melting point so inferior the metal that is close to with diamond coefficient of expansion (alloy) material expects as drill rod, consider to join certain and active element to be mixed in order to improve to the wellability of diamond again endophilicity, achieve already can the objective that felt diamond can satisfy carcass machinery function again. In addition, metal of the implementation means of diamond surface metallization, surface matchs with what drill rod expects and the crucial technology such as the choice of gentle style medium returns choice, brazing flux need to mature further and be optimized. The use efficiency of diamond tool and life are divided depend on bead of King Kong stone mill by inlaid outside firm rate, still concern with the wearability of carcass. The metropolis such as the chroma of the distributinging condition in carcass, diamond is opposite the discretion of carcass itself intensity, diamond the wearability of carcass produces an effect, so, the condition that how makes carcass attains ideal also is the notable problem in will working henceforth. 4. Technology of solder of epilogue drill rod can realize diamond, bond (material of gold of drill rod seam) with chemistry of metallic matrix interface metallurgy is united in wedlock, have higher combinative strength. Because the combinative strength on the interface is high, need very thin bond ply to be controlled firmly with respect to enough only so wear bead, its are bare height can amount to 70% ~ 80% , make of abrasive use more sufficient, improved the life of the tool and treatment efficiency greatly. Compare with traditional technique photograph, of diamond tool allow the greatest value giving blade to be able to increase 50% above, below the requirement that be not added in the power comsumption of the tool or lowers somewhat, the diamond cost amount of material of the workpiece on unit volume reduces half above. With eletroplate tool photograph is compared, also showed incomparable advantage. Anyhow, technology of drill rod solder is having very good development perspective in diamond tool production process, answer to make this one technology realizes industrialization as soon as possible. CNC Milling CNC Machining