Technology of emery wheel nap

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The nap of emery wheel can be divided for plastic and Xiu Rui two measure. The method of emery wheel plastics is more, doctrine of commonly used look of whittle having a car, boil press plastic law, grinding plastics law to wait. Appeared again in recent years law of electric treatment plastics, laser plastics law. Report machines plastic law to be able to be used at metallic bond emery wheel only, basically electrolysis, electric spark law waits. Law of electric spark plastics is to use rotate the electricity that pulse scintilla discharge produces between emery wheel and tool electrode corrodes a phenomenon to come the agent of metallic bear thing that corrode eliminates emery wheel appearance. In process of electric spark plastics, the discharge indentation that discharge of electric spark pulse forms overlaps each other, want emery wheel nap form to place gradually, its treatment force is small, comfortable the nap at small diameter and paper-thin emery wheel, if deserve to be mixed with high accuracy electrode reasonable discharge parameter, can realize plastics of pair of fast, high accuracy that become molding sand annulus conveniently. Using laser nap emery wheel is technology of a kind of new-style emery wheel nap. Through controlling laser radiative parameter is mixed emery wheel is opposite the motion at stimulating beam of light, can obtain the geometrical appearance of expectation and precision. In laser plastics process, colophony bond is decomposed, bronze bond fuses or aerification, accompany those who follow a bond data to splash shoot, achieve the goal of purify bond thereby. And damage of bead of King Kong stone mill is minor, it is a part only by purify. After the plastics that circulates in, error of good, circularity reduces appearance of form of emery wheel surface apparently. Be like necessary, can undertake plastic will raise appearance of form of emery wheel surface and precision further the 2nd times. Laser nap is machined to be not a contact, without mechanical active force, do not have nap tool use up, do not accept the restriction of emery wheel material, hot influence area is small, the nap loss that exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel is small, nap efficiency is tall, implement automation easily, it is technology of a kind of He Xiurui of emery wheel plastics that has an outlook very much " . Emery wheel repairs acute method to have aeriform in season commonly usedly law of law of arenaceous Xiu Rui, supersonic oscillatory Xiu Rui, stretch Xiu Rui, dissociate grinds an extruding gush of Xiu Rui, hydraulic pressure is arenaceous knot of Xiu Rui, solid builds acute tool Xiu Rui law, in addition, still the club that build fighting spirit, Xiu Rui creams, tinsel is brushed, hard alloy piece, law of Xiu Rui of law of Xiu Rui of mild steel grinding, magnetic abrasive. In recent years people developed report to machine the law that build fighting spirit, laser again jet of water of Xiu Rui law, high pressure repairs acute law to wait. Report machines Xiu Rui law to have commonly usedly electroanalysis online nap law (ELID) , electric spark Xiu Rui law, electroanalysis electric spark is compound Xiu Rui law. The efficiency that report machines the law that build fighting spirit is tall, can undertake online, v/arc be on the throne builds fighting spirit. Electric spark repairs acute law to include law of electric spark discharge to repair nap of discharge of acute law, contact (ECDD) law, its job principle and electric spark plastics are identical. ECDD repairs acute technology to be able to make grind a bulgy quantity to be constant, can achieve high material purify rate. Apply grinding of ECDD online Xiu Rui, can reduce grinding force, prolong emery wheel life, improve grinding quality. Laser writes acute law is to will stimulate beam of light perpendicular illuminate go up at emery wheel, the quantity of heat that uses laser generation makes the bond portion of emery wheel surface fused evaporate or vaporization, increase emery wheel surface to grind bead to be mixed highly thereby wear a number effectively, improvement holds bit space and grind the tall sex such as bead. When scanning energy density is certain, the pulse frequency of laser and occupy sky comparing to have certain effect to compiling acute result, among them the effect of laser frequency is more distinct, frequency is taller, the effect that build fighting spirit is poorer; Increase occupy sky comparing to be helpful for improving the result that build fighting spirit; Increase laser power to conduce to increase grind a bulgy height. High-pressured water jet writes acute law water column of department general high pressure is perpendicular eject at emery wheel surface, of the face of emery wheel of high-pressured wallop purify that uses water column grind bits and partial bond, increase thereby grind a bulgy height, form the enough space that hold bit. Reasonable control spraying pressure and eject are apart from, can achieve the favorable result that build fighting spirit. The characteristic that high-pressured water jet writes acute law is need not consider those who build acute tool to wear away, the device that build fighting spirit is simple, be controlled easily and operate. To raise the nap technology level of emery wheel, should accelerate principles of pair of new-style nap technology and the research that its use a technology. The development of nap system should the design of the efficient nap system with first current consideration and application. CNC Milling CNC Machining