Machinery of chemical industry of Changzhou fierce advance develops centrifugal of the discharge below SGT drawknife

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Production of development of afterwards of limited company of machinery of chemical industry of advance of Jiangsu Changzhou fierce gives SS series after centrifugal of 3 sufficient type, develop SGT set again recently centrifugal of the discharge below drawknife of 3 sufficient type, the stock that applies to the industry such as chemical industry, food, pharmacy, metallurgy is detached. This product controls ark and lock device composition by gearing of swing tower, crust, airframe, drawknife, timing. Equipment and the place that stock contacts use material of glue of stainless steel, line, titanium to wait make, corrosion resistance is good; The structure closes basically, can use at poisonous with the circumstance with sealed need; Equipment complement has electromagnetism timing electromotor and controller, what can depart according to stock is characteristic, random adjustment turns bosomy rotate speed, suitable scope is wide; The design of the discharge below drawknife can raise manufacturing cycle cycle greatly, improve labor condition, reduce labor intensity; The structure is simple, use flexibility of 3 sufficient type to prop up, effect suction shock is good, the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient. Because equipment uses drawknife discharge,undertake below the circumstance that rotates in low speed, do not destroy the grain of the product, processing size range is in 0.

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