The application of technology of the pneumatic in food package machine

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Food package machine of China passes development of nearly 20 years, had formed certain dimensions, make the main component in machinist job. The much that domestic food machines now packs the job, especially the more complex process that pack still is operated basically artificially, be opposite extremely possibly thereby the product that be packed causes pollution, this kind of state is badly in need of getting a change. At present the country increases strength to implement system of admittance of market of food quality safety, the food equipment that pack also is bringing into food quality safety stage by stage in admittance system, it is a good chance that implementation industry upgrades to industry of food package machine. Assemble of contemporary food package machine the technology with a variety of the most advanced course, have the characteristic of efficient, high accuracy, tall automation and Gao Rou sex, changing to intelligence, compositive change direction to develop, one of among them foundation component are pneumatic technology. Pneumatic technology, drive of full name atmospheric pressure and control technology, it is one of the most significant steps that produce process automation and mechanization, have high speed to be safeguarded efficient, clean safety, low cost, easily wait for an advantage, be applied extensively in light industrial and mechanical domain. The effect with in reaching manufacturing process, also be being developed mainer and mainer is packed in food, milk powder fills up cup of model of packer, yoghurt shapes fill outfit is sealed cut fill of beer of machine, beverage to install machine, jelly to fill up knead dough of packer, biscuit includes packer, potato piece fill up machine of sauce of packer, fill, flesh kind packer all have a large number of use, can shorten treatment assists time, reduce worker labor intensity, develop the efficient property of equipment adequately. But the relevant requirement that must want to accord with food machinery safety as a result of food package machine and regulation, and working site environment is general relatively complex and slashing, if used the pneumatic cell of impropriety, often can appear abnormal phenomenon; And contemporary food package machine, it is the market mechanism, equipment that electric, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic is equal to an organic whole normally, close connection is had between each part that forms equipment, among them the regular job that any one part malfunctions to all can affect other part, have inside the large provision equipment that pack by tens of thousands yuan of parts of an apparatus, the examination of breakdown, maintenance is difficult it is all along most one of a Gordian knots, accordingly, the pneumatic design in food package machine and application appear particularly important. 1 pneumatic technology is in the application in food package machine in food production, different manufacturing division has diverse demand to sanitation, the environmental definition with mechanical treatment of food of EN1672-2 mark brigadier is 3 works area, it is food division respectively, splatter area and blame food division. According to different area, the pneumatic technology that needs to use and product are endless also and same. (1) mix in food division splatter area, pneumatic technology basically is used at allocating, outfit of bottle, figuration, fill, match agent, sealed in waiting for device. Because direct or pneumatic component need is indirect,contact with main producer goods, produce contaminative possibility to end item to prevent generation, its material should is character avirulent, without absorbency, anticorrosive stainless steel; If use aluminium alloy, should have fight certainly corrode ability, avirulent sex, without absorbency; The balata product that component interior uses is like weather strip to wait should accord with corresponding wholesome requirement, should have in working environment heat-resisting, acid-proof the stability of alkaline, oil resistant, acceptability be cleaned normally and disinfect, not deliquescent, avirulent sex, without absorbency, do not get the taste of influential product; Working air filters device should assure that he must not make the dust of above of 5 μ M is passed; The structure reachs the surface to answer flowing, fast, easily cleanness achieves favorable abluent result. Although splatter the design need of the area and provision section likeness, but material asks but take into consideration the circumstances is reduced, must assure to should design pair of food products not to have negative effect at the same time. The pneumatic product that uses a model in these two kinds of environments has stainless steel air cylinder, clean model air cylinder, Yi Qing washs island of a powerful person, stainless steel to enrage a source to handle component to wait. And have delegate sense most among them, it is clean model air cylinder, have from catchment function, the liquid is OK and so direct run off, still can undertake iteration cleaning, have can replace a gender, install repeatedly even also use standard component, installation maintenance is very convenient. (2) in blame provision section, pneumatic technology basically is used at envelope, pack, stick label, detect, build in waiting for device. Although the pneumatic component of this area does not need to contact producer goods, but still need to have standardization, Yi Qing to wash normally, intelligent environmental protection, structure is compact wait for a characteristic. Because present food packs equipment requirement to realize more functions inside limited space, also ask to the dimension of pneumatic component accordingly more and more compact, compositive, modular; In addition, the equipment that pack uses advanced food generally to be mixed by filter, pressure-relief valve do not wait for composition for oil-lubricated a powerful person, air cylinder do not have oil-lubricated pneumatic system. This kind of system needs lubricant place to seal grease beforehand in component, need not oily mist implement, can work for long and do not need compensatory grease, can reduce oily bad news, improvement environment, cost low, maintenance convenient, performance is steady. 2 pneumatic technology develops what the trend machines craft as food to rise increasingly in the application in food package machine, the automation level that food packs also is rising ceaselessly, current, the research and development of food package machine forward high speed, muti_function change the directional development that reachs control intelligence to change, industrial robot, microelectronics, computer, intelligence pass feeling technology to wait with image will get applied more and more extensively, and the intelligence that uses at technology of pneumatic of food package machine is changed, network also will be become inevitable. These intelligence are changed, the technology of new and high pneumatic of network had gotten develop and applied in country of a few wests, realized food package machine farther intelligence is changed, the understanding that adopts these pair of techniques and research are absorbed, the level of domestic food package machine also hopeful gets promotion and development, the person in reducing food to machine a process is or machine accident, those who ensure food is mechanical is reliable move, realize safe production and clean production, those who realize food to pack a process is successive turn production, conform with international at an early date. CNC Milling CNC Machining