Kind of diamond carbon coating that treatment aluminium alloy uses

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Kind diamond carbon (the bases of DLC) coating is carbon, it is one kind holds the film of blame crystal horniness of tall hardness and function of exceedingly good attrition concurrently. As a result of its superior attrition performance, get applied extensively on industry. Special falling without lubricant circumstance, coefficient of friction is very low also (μ = 0.

005 ~ 0.

2) , because this is applied extensively at mixture faucet of cold hot water,wait for slip component with odd handle.  DLC coating not only coefficient of friction is small, and it is good to fight adhesiveness, hardness is tall, wearability is admirable, to its the application in cutting cutting tool also has had many tests. But, because the use environment of cutting cutting tool is special, DLC coating in cutting initiative phase happens come off, its function cannot get be developinged adequately.  Japan stays in friendly electrical engineering company to take the lead in developing the cutting tool of DLC coating hard alloy that can be used at doing type to machine aluminium alloy on the world recently, all sorts of function all get very big rise. The place of experiment of mechanical function  of the function DLC coating of  DLC coating is WC-Co hard alloy with matrix, its surface surface roughness is Ra0.

01 μ M is the following. DLC coating is very flowing, the matrix surface surface roughness of its surface surface roughness and Tu Fuqian all is Ra0.

01 μ M, ry of the greatest height is 0.

27 μ M. Compare to use CVD diamond coating with treatment aluminium alloy, had SEM observation to coating surface. Observation result makes clear: CVD diamond coating has the protuberant share that diamond crystallization configuration recommends, ra is exterior surface roughness 0.

53 μ M, ry is 5.

74 μ M, and DLC coating weighs noncrystalline structure surface very smooth. The hardness overcoming a family name of DLC coating is 30GPa. The slip character of DLC coating is opposite to evaluate DLC coating the attrition of aluminium alloy is characteristic, in DLC coating test piece apparently, sell with aluminium alloy (6mm) of JISA5052, diameter is dual, in normal temperature, air (RH65%) of 20 ℃ , relative humidity undertakes 20 minutes marketting a slip test. To compare, still prepared the test piece such as all sorts of aluminium alloy, hard alloy, pottery and porcelain. Slip experiment uses the TRIBOMETER(PIN ON DISK) that CSEM company produces. Slide experiment condition is: Slip radius 1mm, bear 1N, sliding velocity 52m/s(500rpm) , slip frequency 10000 (slip time 20 minutes of) . The coefficient of friction that  determines by slip experiment (the numerical value before be an experiment to be about to end) measure with aluminium alloy of conglutinate of test piece side (with exterior surface roughness appearance is opposite cross section of slip trace section undertakes determining) determine to be able to see as a result, the conglutinate that test piece of blame DLC coating all appeared to market material qualitative aluminium alloy, occlusive, coefficient of friction is amounted to 0.

8 above, and coefficient of friction of DLC coating test piece has 0 only however.

1, its surface also did not discover aluminium alloy conglutinate. This shows, DLC coating is very small to the coefficient of friction of aluminium alloy, have fight adhesiveness exceedingly goodly. The lubricant effect of DLC coating to simplify cutting phenomenon, it is research target with process of 2 dimension cutting, express finite yuan of imitate result. Experiment place is with cutting condition: Workpiece material A5052, = of cutting speed V 300m/min, = of cutting deepness D 0.

15mm/r, 1mm of = of cutting width T, 35 ° of = of α of the horn before cutting tool, 5 ° of = of θ of the horn after cutting tool.  assumes respectively before hard alloy cutting tool = of μ of coefficient of friction 0.

8 with = of μ of DLC coating cutting tool 0.

1 when, machine in afore-mentioned conditions 0.

Distributinging circumstance of the appearance cutting bits after 67ms and temperature makes clear: Before knife face hour of coefficient of friction, its discharge bits speed to increase, accordingly, cut horn to greaten, the ply that cut bits is reduced, at the same time curly radius also narrows subsequently. When coefficient of friction is big, cut bits to happen not easily curly. Highest cutting temperature appears in μ = 0.

8 when, cutting tool of this period of time and the osculatory area temperature that cut bits achieve 610K; In μ = 0.

1 when, it is 470K. Coefficient of friction is small, the generation with hot attrition is restrained, highest temperature also drops 140K, attrition is apart from (cutting tool and length of the contact that cut bits) also decrease. Classics imitate begs the axial power that give to be in μ = 0.

8 when for 60N; In μ = 0.

1 when for 18N. Coefficient of friction from 0.

8 drop 0.

1, cutting muscularity reduces 2/3 about. This shows, face of the knife before using the cutting tool with small coefficient of friction, can get favorable lubricant result, cutting temperature and cutting force all drop substantially. The cutting function of razor blade of  DLC coating uses HL(of razor blade of common hard alloy to stay in friendly company product) the DL1000(of DLC coating razor blade with HI stays in friendly company product) undertake cutting contrasts. Bit model uses the APET160508PDFR-S that shows weaveform. This razor blade passes weaveform bundle alleviate cutting concussion, rise sharp spend and edge intensity. Additional, coating ply is 100mm, plated film of point of a knife is had fight exceedingly goodly come off quality.  cutting experiments to undertake on vertical machining center, knife handle diameter is 32mm, = of cutting speed V 300m/min, axial cuts 5mm of deep Ad = , radial cuts 5mm of deep Rd = , feed F = 0.

15mm/r, suitable mill machines protruding shoulder, cutting length 36m. Be in wet below treatment condition, two sample all did not produce aluminium alloy conglutinate; But in treatment doing type the condition falls, not face of the knife before coating razor blade has aluminium alloy firm conglutinate, and range of the knife before the blade needle of DLC coating razor blade is mixed did not occur conglutinate at all.  by workpiece underside average surface surface roughness (the measurement of Ra) the result is knowable, in treatment doing type the condition falls, the Ra of two workpiece all reduced 1/2 because of DLC coating, machine a face gnaw cut and the phenomenon such as abrade decreases, the surface is bright and clean degree have clear improvement.  measures an outcome by the cutting force when odd blade feed knowable, from the point of axial component of force, feed component of force and radial component of force, DLC coating razor blade all is less than not coating razor blade, especially axial component of force reduces 2/3 about, reduce 242N from 742N. Additional, as treatment undertake, the change that force of cutting of DLC coating razor blade is worth is very little also in heft of overall cutting force. Fu of besmear of surface of  razor blade is low the DLC coating of coefficient of friction, although undertake type is machined working, the conglutinate of aluminium alloy also can get controlling, because this cutting force is reduced. And, the formation of the tumour that accumulate bits is restrained, can maintain the sharp sex of edge, cutting is accordingly light, workpiece machines the quality of the face to get rising. Additional, the function that discharge bits gets bigger improvement, treatment surface won't chafe because of cutting bits or again conglutinate and occurrence quality drops. The configuration cutting bits when  is machined by dry type is knowable, when using the DLC coating bit with little coefficient of friction, of A5052 cut bits to be full of metallic burnish, curly into small helix shape; And introduce coefficient of friction big not coating razor blade, cut bits to appear ivory, curly diameter is bigger also. Additional, use not when coating razor blade, although undertake wet treatment, the sort of helix account that cuts bits to also cannot form place of DLC coating razor blade to generate is curly. 1 the length cutting bits that razor blade of coating of  use DLC makes is end coating razor blade about.

5 times, and decrescent of the ply that cut bits. When machining ADC12 with end coating razor blade especially, its cut bits to show gray, without metallic burnish, and appearance is not fixed, outside Zhou Cheng is dentate, or from which be cut off. Cut bits to show ivory or gray is the result that rises as a result of the temperature when cutting. The configuration cutting bits that appears here and tonal with afore-mentioned imitate results very be identical.  as above, when undertaking cutting with DLC razor blade, even if treatment doing type, the conglutinate of cutting and point of a knife also can decrease greatly, the mainest reason is DLC coating small to the coefficient of friction of aluminium alloy. Say commonly, the place that cutting fluid acts well directly in cutting process is cutting tool and part of face of the knife before cutting what bits contacts, actually cutting fluid not point of a knife of can sufficient immerge, the position that just cutting area of the knife before bits is broken away from has lubricant effect. But, DLC coating deposit is before those who include point of a knife inside is whole knife face, its are lubricant action exceeded cutting fluid, the aluminium alloy that because this can is opposite,end coating cutting tool machines hard undertakes type is machined working. CNC Milling CNC Machining