The parameter of UG changes those who build modular method and warehouse of three-dimensional spare parts to found

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Summary: UGNX is the CAD/CAE/CAM unifinication software of American EDS company, have powerful parameter to change design function, wide application received with production domain in the design. Its parameter changes a function can very good report designs an intent, parameter changes a model to be revised easily. The article is the platform that prop up with UGNX, introduced three-dimensional parameter to change the basic idea that builds a model and implementation method, combinative example analysed what parameter of three-dimensional spare parts turns a model to establish measure, found establish a simple spare parts warehouse. Keyword: UGNX, parameter is changed, the Method Of Parameterization Model Of UGand The Establishment Methods Of 3D Part Warehouses of standard component library.

Ye Peng1 Hu Jun1 Li Ping2 (1 China Academic Of Engineering Physics, mianyang City Sichuan Provine, post Code 6219002 College Of Machinical Engineering And Automation Harbin Engineering University, harbin 150001) Abstract: The UGNX Is The CAD / CAE / CAM Integration Software Of EDS Company, with Powerful Parameter Design Function, and It Got The Extensive Application In The Domain Of Designing And Manufacturing.

His Parameter Function Can Reflect Design Intention Very Clearly, and The Parameter Model Is Easy To Revising.

In This Paper, based On The UGNX, we Introduce The Basic Thought And Realization Method Of 3D Parameterization Model, and The Establishment Step Of 3D Part Parameterization Model Combined The Living Example, at The Last, we Create A Simple 3D Part Warehouse.

Keywords: UGNX, parameterization, standard Component Warehouse one. The application of foreword CAD technology is current had transferred to three-dimensional design stage by stage from traditional 2 dimension plot. For the angle from informatization of implementation manufacturing industry, the three-dimensional model of the product can be defined thoroughly and describe a design to reach production information. In products plan and development process, the standardization of component, generalization and seriation are to improve products plan quality, shorten the efficient way of product development cycle, and the requirement that is based on the parameter of three-dimensional CAD system to change design and photograph of 2 dimension plot to make informatization than can be being satisfied more. UGNX is the CAD/CAE/CAM unifinication software of American EDS company, have powerful parameter to change design function, wide application received with production domain in the design. The article is the platform that prop up with UGNX, introduced three-dimensional parameter to change the implementation method that builds a model, combine what example analysed library of a kind of three-dimensional spare parts to establish a method. 2. When parameter changes design thought to have products plan in use UG software, to produce the design advantage of software adequately, ought to analyse the structure of the product seriously above all, the relation between each parts of good product is conceived in cerebrum, sufficient understanding designs an intent, go in the powerful design that offers with UG next and the design that edit a tool to reflect design intent to the product. Because the design is a very complex mental activity, a design from the task putting forward to be finished to the design won't be plain sailing, the finishing process of a design is improved ceaselessly namely, the process that perfects ceaselessly, accordingly, tell from this meaning, the process of the design is revised course, the end that parameter changes a design is the design according to the product the intent can undertake be modificationed neatly, revising a gender its easily so is crucial. This also is the reason that why UG software emphasizes its powerful editor function particularly. 3. Three-dimensional parameter changes the implementation method that builds a model 1 system parameter and dimension tie UGNX have perfect systematic parameter to recover a function automatically, it can be when draft design, save the dimension tie of the input as diagnostic parameter rise, and be in the design of after this undertake visible revise, arrive at the directest parameter drive to establish modular goal thereby. In depending on how changing the parameter that extracts from inside objective UG with the key of graph of systematic parameter drive, with the diagnostic parameter that will control three-dimensional model. Dimension drive is the foundation of parameter drive, dimension tie is the premise that realizes dimension drive. The characteristic that the dimension of UG restrains is rise appearance and dimension combination consideration, through dimension the tie realizes the control of pair of geometry appearance. Must consult with whole dimension when the design for jumping-off place (total obligation) , leakage notes size or cannot note size more. Dimension drive comes true inside Sketcher of 2 dimension draft. Concern to decide at reference axis position relatively when the graph in draft, after the graph is restrained completely, its dimension and positional relation can change in coordination, the system will restrain dimension directly parameter of translate into system. 2 features and UGNX of expression drive graph build modular technology is a kind of technology building a model that is based on a feature, all sorts of standards are offerred to design a feature in its module, each standard feature stresses crucial feature dimension and fixed position size, can very good relay design intention, and be called easily mix editor, also can establish diagnostic market, undertake administrative to the feature. Between diagnostic parameter and expression can interdependent, transmit data each other, enhanced the arrangement that expression devises, make real message can be defined with project feature. The expression in different component also can work in coordination through the link, namely the some expression in a component can pass the another expression in linking other component to establish some kind of connection, when when component be quotatived medium expression is updated, the corresponding expression in the component that links with it also is updated. The 3 electronic form that use UG of graph of electronic form drive (Spreadsheet) was offerred in interface of an intelligence between Microsoft Excel or Xess and UG. In the application that build a model, UG electron form can be considered as senior expression editor. Information is OK from the component by draw-out in electronic form, in be used to manual processing undertakes before replacing a part. In fact, the function inside the interface of form drive and machine is relevant, parameter changed a design to provide convenient and powerful tool. 4. Application adopts form of hex nut C below example analysis (GB/T 41-2000) of three-dimensional model found example to explain parameter changes the method that build a model. Express 1 whorl norms parameter of feature of extraction of model of 1 analysis spare parts pursues if 1 nut dimension pursues 1, main measure feature has hex nut D, S, M, can regard nut of main parameter drive as the graph these 3 dimension. The model of nut can get through drawing, answer when building a model special attention drawing style, pour horn and whorl aperture these 3 main features and their relation. 2 nut underside restrains a graph in the dimension in draft 2 scale basic circle pursues 3 scale hexagon pursues 4 add underside of geometrical expression nut to be hexagon, be chosen in draft S regards main parameter drive as the graph. Enter draft mode, if the graph is shown 2 times, scale a circle, tie of the centre of a circle is in coordinate center, tag diametical dimension, name for S. If pursue 3, scale hexagon, tie its cut as round as S, 6 edges to reach subtense equally outside 6 edges mutual parallel. Exit draft mode, choose Tools, > Expression (Ctrl+E) , the dot chooses geometrical expression pushbutton, choose diagonal distance to serve as a parameter, name for E, if pursue 4. Final scale a circle, the tie is as homocentric as S circle, the diameter is E. 3 nut are generated hypostaticly reach horny drawing hexagon, high value names in expression for M. Drawing E is round, height is M (the cylinder that E round drawing comes out is for the auxiliary substance that pour wine cup and adds on nut, high value changes along with main parameter M) . Slant on E cylinder buy pours wine cup, slant buy is worth E/2-s/2 (UGNX allows to input formula to regard parameter as the value directly) , angle 30 degrees. Cylinder of E of be mixed operation and 6 column get nut substance. Aperture feature is placed in nut center, parameter names for D. So far, we built the draft model of nut underside in draft space, by drive of S of a main parameter. All graph photograph in the model is restrained completely to reference axis, its dimension and positional relation can change in coordination, the system restrains dimension automatically parameter of translate into system, it is the core that the parameter of whole model changes, its are revised can enter draft to revise or revise by expression. Additional, this model introduced value of a distance to serve as referenced parameter, build in what pour wine cup in, pour horn to slant buy parameter by expression (E/2-s/2) be in charge of delivering relevant parameter, make the graph has the characteristic of dependency. 5. The warehouse of three-dimensional spare parts that parameter converts model foundation to go up the part that similar sex principle builds a warehouse to need has the 1 fundamental ground that establishs warehouse of three-dimensional spare parts classification, decide its can complete state spare parts a group of things with common features or spare parts series are all the composite spare parts of spare parts feature. Composite spare parts is the model of three-dimensional spare parts that establishs with interactive mode below UGNX environment, we call our example of three-dimensional spare parts. Composite spare parts is integrated this spare parts a group of things with common features the appearance with all individual spare partses and structural feature, it is OK to be based on composite spare parts namely derive should the any spare parts of spare parts a group of things with common features, the spare parts can accede all feature of composite spare parts or partial feature. Later, the shape that decides on the foundation of example of three-dimensional spare parts parameter of a group of designs will control a model and develop attack relation, build spare parts a group of things with common features to devise the series measure of parameter. Finally, will build the three-dimensional model of the spare parts automatically through choosing different set dimension, realize library of three-dimensional spare parts thereby found. Main parameter makes the definition part that the 2 Part Families tools that make example of three-dimensional spare parts use UGNX can go to the lavatory database of seriation spare parts. Enter Tools, > Part Families, the D in choosing expression, M, S regards extraction as parameter, the setting is good save catalog, choice Create command enters Excel labour tabulation. Inside Excel, type a spare parts to control the cost of parameter according to the standard norms dimension of dimension of series of standard spare parts or standard component. If pursue,5 are shown. Save a group of things with common features exit Part Families, the example of three-dimensional spare parts that leads Excel parameter list is generated. Data is typed to pursue in graph 5 Part Families 6 introduce example library of library of 3 three-dimensional spare partses call example of three-dimensional spare parts to introduce as assembly parts advocate model, if pursue 6, before matching a member to list face of exterior and interior to be able to appear we work in Excel all norms that type inside the watch, the norms that chooses need is joined, such spare partses are generated. If pursue 7. Graph the 7 series parts that make according to example 6. Conclusion uses the powerful and relevant parameter that UGNX offers to change the function that build a model, can go to the lavatory the editor is revised, design a process quickly. Model foundation is changed to go up in relevant parameter, spare parts of have the aid of a group of things with common features Excel labour tabulation, can found standard component, current part and range of products well and truly to convert the three-dimensional model warehouse of the design quickly. The means building a warehouse that the article offers is simple, do not need process designing, do not involve sophisticated database technology, suit products plan and development staff very much. CNC Milling CNC Machining